Drinking from plastic instead of an eco-friendly bottle? What a funny idea.

The development of reusable bottles and eco-responsible water bottles is not insignificant, only 9% of the world's plastic is recycled, and only 25% of single-use bottles are. It's not enough.

So what do we do ?

Rather than promoting this plastic development, at NOSC we have decided to participate in this fight against plastic.

In keeping with our values, we were looking for an accessory that could represent the NOSC spirit. A sporty, sober and eco-responsible accessory. Looking at our table during this “meeting”, we quickly realized that our old, well-worn plastic water bottles could no longer do the job. We also realized that the personalized bottles we had in our cupboards and in our bags just didn't fit.

Our solution: EQUINOX, a stylish and eco-responsible bottle.

So we decided to start looking for the best possible supplier of reusable water bottles or bottles. And there, the flop. Indeed, it turns out that very few accessory suppliers produce in Europe. Apart from Sigg and his "alpine" water bottles that we often see in skiers' bags, we didn't find much that suited our wishes: A nice bottle, sober, in stainless steel but above all practical and to take everywhere.

In itself, THE water bottle that we would all like to have. In addition to being made of stainless steel, we avoid any rubbish and we start the zero waste approach! Eco-friendly, responsible and pretty, what could be better for a water bottle?

Our Solution

The idea was also to be able to customize it to our image, and there again, among the weak suppliers still in the race, few could offer us such a thing!

That's when we found the solution: a good co-branding is better than a bad supplier. We decided to make a NOSC x 24bottles bottle, based in Italy to offer you the best, at the fairest price.

A matte black design, sober and elegant, and our laser-cut logo to clearly see the stainless steel under the paint. 24bottles specializes in these bottles and offers many models in stainless steel, with a double wall to avoid heat variations and promote the preservation of liquids.

By browsing their pages, we quickly realize that their mission is to reduce the impact of our daily water needs. They also support a reforestation campaign with a development program in sensitive areas. Commitment, respect and style, everything fits with NOSC. A partner who looks like us, a beautiful and practical water bottle with a nice design, what are you waiting for?

Pre-order yours right here, and receive your well-packaged water bottle within 4 weeks!

Why pre-order? Nothing changes for you, only the wait which makes the feeling of having a real product at the right price even better. For us, on the other hand, it helps us greatly to innovate and offer products that suit you, without advancing payment and producing things that would not work! In itself, we reduce uncertainty on both sides, and that's even better for a more responsible sport.

Do you want to equip yourself in responsible sports mode and Made in France? This is where it's happening!


By looking at this product development, we also encountered a lot of things that raise questions. AsEco-Packaging lists in its blog post, nearly all of the WORLD's bottles are produced in Asia.

Like SIGG, it is therefore necessary to favor approved and certified workshops to avoid ending up with poor quality. We looked for a long time for sober and customizable Made in France products, but nothing was really very conclusive! If you find anything interesting, we're all ears :)

Do not hesitate to send us your comments in the comments or by email to hello@nosc-sport.fr . We are aware that there must be other solutions that we could not retain, but if the opportunity to produce an even more responsible accessory arises, we will not hesitate for a second. Of course, nothing in human production is 100% responsible, we only try to achieve the best possible solutions! Goodbye ;)


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