For NOSC, transparency involves all the subjects that a company can touch and manage on a daily basis. If the discourse is widespread and more and more coherent when we talk about materials, many brands still remain vague when it is necessary to talk even about the country of manufacture of the clothes sold. We have nothing to hide and among our fundamental values, humanity and transparency are among those that make the difference.

Our mission is clear, we support you on a daily basis in your sporting activities by allowing you to align your beliefs with your responsible consumption. We do this through eco-responsible sportswear, both in terms of materials and partner factories and production locations.

Let's take a quick tour of the different partners and production locations with whom we work to offer you the best products.

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Partners in France

Some of the materials used in our collections and various products are made in France.

As sportswear made in France is on the rise, we have had the chance to establish strong relationships with numerous material and manufacturing factories allowing you to benefit from clothing and accessories 100% Made in France.

Normandy - Moreuil

Recycled materials knit for post-sport t-shirts

For 3 generations, Laurent has perpetuated the know-how of the family business specializing in knitwear and the eco-responsible production of committed materials. Organic cotton, linen, recycled cotton and PES, the company's offer is resolutely oriented towards more responsible fashion. Since 1981, the company has decided to change the game and it is for all these reasons that we are proud to work with Laurent, Patricia and their team.

Date of creation: 1981
Employees: 10

Limousin - Les Cars

Guaranteed French origin sports socks

Alexandra, Aymeric and the company's teams are dedicated to offering socks made in France. When all the players in the sock industry were afraid of our new offer made from castor oil, they were able to see in this project the potential for eco-responsible sports socks made in France. For more than 50 years, the family business, certified EPV (living heritage company) has been bringing quality products to the markets and enabling beautiful brands to offer a collection of consistent, local and sustainable socks.

Employees: 44
Date of creation: 1938

Rhône - Tarare

Material WILD Fleece

Alexandre and Christophe masterfully manage their 5-legged "sheep" as they like to call it. Originally specializing in ribbing, the company now knows how to meet (almost) all of its customers' requests. Arrived with very precise specifications for our warm and compact light fleece project, they knew how to adapt perfectly to our specific request. Present in more than 32 different activities, the Tarare company is one of the best suppliers of technical products (police, firefighters, etc.).

Employees: 10
Date of creation: 1992


After tee NOSC

A few years ago, Karine took over a small clothing workshop in the Loire. Since then, the workshop has grown significantly and is approaching 20 employees! We work closely with Karine's team to create the best after-sport t-shirts that we could produce. Less than 900km to our offices thanks to this workshop which works knitting in a qualitative manner.

Employees: 18
Resumption date: 2017

Isère - Bourgoin-Jailleu

Eco sports materials

Sometimes you just have to turn your head to find what you're looking for. It is thanks to Laurent from SOFILETA that we can offer superb local, recycled, certified and technical materials. Several NOSC products come from materials that come out of the weaving looms of the Isère company. With them since our beginnings, we continue to develop great projects with this local and committed player.

Employees: 45
Date of creation: 1971

Upper Savoy - Annecy

Headbands and chokers

1984, the founder embarked on a daring adventure that continues today. Equip the best, with the best products. This workshop will highlight a revolutionary ski jacket or will manufacture the Italian, Swedish, German teams etc... in alpine skiing. Having agreed to be part of the NOSC project from the start, we have remained faithful to this partner for our headbands and neck warmers which continue to be manufactured in the heart of the Venice of the Alps, in Annecy.

Employees: 20
Date of creation: 1984

Partners in Europe

The rest of our production partners are located in Europe.

Because our desire is to produce as locally as possible while working with the most qualified factories.

Portugal - Fafe

Glued seam and summer products

The WILD range is our first real collection, and it was born thanks to Claudia's trust, when NOSC was still just one project among many others. With an effort on quantities and colors, it allowed us to create a truly technical and eco-responsible collection, based on heat-sealed seams, laser cutting and all the ultra-technical paraphernalia of their state-of-the-art factory.

Working with this structure, which has 75 to 100 employees depending on the season, is for us a real chance and a real opportunity to develop the best possible products while having a local impact, their factory being located less than 1,600 kilometers from our offices.

Claudia takes care of all technical textile development in this factory, so it was natural that she believed in NOSC and in our mission to make the world of sport a more engaged world.

Italy - Montebelluna

Gloves and accessories

The small business in Montebelluna allows us to obtain high quality products and offer them to you at the best possible prices.

Specializing in the creation of accessories and in particular gloves, but above all in the development of the best chamois leathers for cycling, the company knows perfectly well how to create the best products for the most demanding athletes.

It is therefore natural that we created this partnership for the gloves and for the continuation of our common adventure.

Italy - Carvico BG

WILD range materials

Carvico is a company specializing in technical knitting, just like many Italian knitters.

With the best eco-responsible certifications, we are always confident when it comes to choosing new materials within the factory in the province of Bergamo.

It is notably one of our main suppliers, and you have given quality and durability scores of 5/5 on our many products including materials from this high-tech Italian factory.

Romania - Timisoara

Wild Range Manufacturing

One of our newest partners, but also one of the most technically capable of producing high-quality, eco-responsible sports products.

The factory is managed by a family which includes 3 generations within the factory and management. Family affair therefore, for a matter of technical products.

300 employees, half of whom are women, and salaries much higher than the country's minimum wage, and certifications such as ISO 9001 and 14001, our partner factory believes in people and the planet. That’s good, us too.