Get out of oil addiction

In order to provide you with maximum transparency, we have listed each eco-responsible material that makes up our products.
We have not detailed the elastane because we believe our knowledge could be improved on this very specific material.

Recycled polyester

Resulting from the transformation of plastic bottles, recycled polyester has the same technical characteristics as polyester, which is extracted from petroleum.


Innovative material, castor, transformed into oil, makes it possible to design a material with many advantages for sport and allowing to get out of oil production.

Recycled nylon

Coming from the transformation of textile scraps, recycled nylon has the same technical characteristics as nylon, extracted from petroleum.


Made from the transformation of scrap wood, Tencel is a fiber with a unique feel close to silk.

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Our materials

Get to the heart of NOSC and what makes our committed and transparent process special: the materials.

We make every effort to offer a collection of eco-responsible and committed sports products, and this notably involves the choice of precise and traced materials.