The adventure is now made possible thanks to you. Our desire to innovate drives the brand forward and allows us to get closer to our mission, that of making respect for the planet the most practiced sport. This is our mantra, and we try to develop it to the maximum with your help.

Cradled by the outdoor / city mixes, NOSC is inspired by urban architectural lines and the resources that nature abounds. Our vision is resolutely young and urban, but draws all its origins from the Alpine mountains, the valleys backed by snow-capped peaks and the forests lodged in the hollow of the peaks. All these sources of inspiration shape the image of NOSC and our collections.

The founders

“Triathlete and former skier, I combine with NOSC my passion for outdoor sports, my commitments and my values of respect for nature.
I really believe that we can change things by each acting on our own scale! »


Our ambition is to bring together, around this project, an entire ecosystem of players who share the same vision as us. In entrepreneurial training, I put my energy every day to advance NOSC and, thus, offer each athlete new responsible solutions.

More than an entrepreneur, I want to become an actor in this change that is already underway. »


The ambassadors

Involved since the creation of NOSC in 2018, the brand ambassadors carry the values ​​that we wish to convey: humanism, minimalism and commitment.

In varied sporting disciplines, each of them brings their knowledge and technical know-how to continually develop better products.

Discover their journey through their portraits or the film 1.5°.

You... yes you!

Integrating the entire ecosystem that revolves around the brand is more than important, it is necessary.

You, customers or (perhaps) future customers, have your say: what do I want? What should we improve? What is the next product you would like to see?

Let's go further together by developing the products YOU want. Discover our dedicated space: the Futur’Lab.