In a process of healthier consumption, the protection of the environment remains our priority. Among all the natural materials we use, rilsan, derived from castor oil , is a true textile revolution. Considered the natural nylon par excellence, the properties of castor thread make it a particularly interesting material in the world of sport. Back to a 100% natural and recyclable material .

Eco-responsible clothing: when castor oil comes in socks

We are very proud to present to you today our new model: castor thread sports socks ! Available for pre-order, this essential accessory for any athlete is revolutionizing the textile industry. In this article we return to the key role of castor oil in the field of eco-responsible clothing .

Take advantage of a decreasing price : 1€ reduction from the 2nd pair purchased!

Made in France

Factory certified Living Heritage Company

Ecological design

Natural fibers

Our range of ethical clothing: Perform, Protect and Act

Combining technicality, quality and respect for the environment is a difficult challenge to take. If the choice of the base material for our SOCKS-1 came naturally to us, we had to face many disappointments before obtaining a final product that was satisfactory both in terms of use and manufacture. Each of the projects undertaken by NOSC meets demanding specifications , established in accordance with the pillars that support our company:

  • Perform : to offer you quality, resistant, light and odor-resistant clothing
  • Protect : allow you to change your consumption habits thanks to sustainable products
  • Act : to offer you clothes made in France , respectful of the environment

All the sports accessories available in our shop meet our eco-responsible commitment . It's never too late to change your habits and work towards a healthier mode of consumption!

Castor textiles: difficult by nature

The very essence of this vegetable product makes it particularly difficult to use in the textile industry. It took us several tries, several design tests with castor thread before finding the right method. A number of prototypes have thus emerged, allowing us to adapt the manufacturing process to obtain a product that meets our technical and ethical requirements .

The SOCKS-1: months of hard work

Several months of development of design techniques, weeks of more or less conclusive tests. From the first contact to leaving the factory, 8 months have passed. Each day being one more step towards a successful product that is consistent with our specifications. Never give up, innovate, these are certainly the secrets of the success of this project. It is by learning the lessons of our failures that we can present to you today our castor thread socks made in France , produced by an EPV certified company.

The transformation of castor oil into ecological clothing

Of all the materials derived from natural products, rilsan is certainly the most ecological. The production of castor oil and its transformation to obtain a textile fiber requires little energy.

  • 1st step : transesterification of castor oil. Do not be fooled by the complexity of the word. It is simply the process by which a vegetable oil is cold mixed with an alcohol. To obtain rilsan, it is therefore necessary to mix castor oil with ethanol.
  • 2nd step : cracking. The molecule obtained in the first step is broken to obtain smaller elements.
  • 3rd step : distillation. This process makes it possible to separate the different constituents of a homogeneous mixture. Substances gradually vaporize under pressure or the effect of heat. The vapor then obtained is liquefied. During this stage of production we harvest oenanthal, an intermediate to rilsan 11.
  • 4th step : the polycondensation reaction. This reaction allows several totally different molecules to unite to form a bio-sourced polymer devoid of light molecules. This process makes it possible to obtain, in the present case, a textile fiber.

Why wear castor bean socks?

Our socks are designed for athletes. From the design to the chosen materials, we have carefully selected the components to offer you a model that is natural, environmentally friendly and pleasant to wear.

Eco-responsible and resistant clothing

Our castor bead socks aren't just eco-friendly. This resistant model will accompany you over the months for all your sports sessions. Your socks can be washed simply by hand and dry quickly .

Anti-odor socks

Made with GreenFil® technology, recognized in the medical community for its antibacterial properties, our socks neutralize bad odors. Their high absorption capacity (+50% compared to wool) limits the proliferation of bacteria and therefore reduces unpleasant odours.

A comfortable accessory

Thought for athletes, our pairs of socks have been designed to offer you a unique experience. The structure of this model is designed to support your foot, whatever activity you practice. Our socks offer reinforcement at the heel and tip of the foot for maximum comfort .

Eco-responsible castor bean clothing, why do we say yes!

- Polyamide 11 rilsan is one of the only ones that can claim to be 100% renewable and ecological.

- Its production stands out for its very low fossil energy consumption and low CO2 emissions

- Castor is a plant that requires little water

- No treatment with pesticides and guaranteed GMO-free

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