Before becoming a brand that we hope will inspire you, NOSC was first an observation, a real awareness of the current state of our environment.

Nathan, co-founder of the brand and originally from Chamonix in Haute Savoie, has been faced with a truly visible and important change for several years.

“Before our eyes, the mountain is crumbling, and the glaciers are retreating. Winters are less harsh and it’s always warmer”

It is from this observation that the project and the idea of ​​creating a truly impactful, inspiring sports brand with deep responsible roots was born. We left everything aside to move towards this goal, and have done so for more than 3 years now. Being both sporty with Maugan, we obviously turned our eyes towards the efforts, the adventures undertaken, and the wide open spaces which inspire us.

Since the end of 2018 and our first crowdfunding campaign, we have put all our energy into developing products and a universe centered around 3 major axes. The performance of our products, their versatility, and eco-responsibility as their central pillar.

The founders

“Triathlete and former skier, I combine with NOSC my passion for outdoor sports, my commitments and my values of respect for nature.
I really believe that we can change things by each acting on our own scale! »


Our ambition is to bring together, around this project, an entire ecosystem of players who share the same vision as us. In entrepreneurial training, I put my energy every day to advance NOSC and, thus, offer each athlete new responsible solutions.

More than an entrepreneur, I want to become an actor in this change that is already underway. »


Our 3 commitments


Be well equipped to face all conditions. We use innovative materials and the latest technologies to design clothing capable of following you during sporting activity as well as in everyday life.

This is the basics of sportswear.


Consume better, use more. Each product is designed, from the first pencil strokes, to be as versatile as possible. Inspired by our sporting practices and our lifestyles, it is also a new way of consuming sport , by reducing the quantity of textiles in our cupboards.


Eco-responsibility or common sense. Integrating the protection of the environment, as well as that of the men and women with whom we work, into NOSC's commitments seems more than logical to us. This is characterized by the use of recycled or bio-sourced, traceable materials, and working with partner workshops that we know.

"NOSC is a young and urban brand, created by committed athletes aware of current ecological issues and with the desire to shake up the fashion industry in the sporting field.

The clothes are minimalist, technical and functional . The brand works to ensure that they have a low and decreasing impact on the environment, and communicates its commitments via its website. We love and support!”