The NOSC principle is simple, to offer technical and responsible parts, to allow you to surpass yourself, to travel, to improve and to go on an adventure while adopting a responsible sports product.

You can find on the site all the information concerning our products, our universe, our team etc.

If you can't find a product or your question requires a more in-depth answer, please feel free to email us at


We made the choice at NOSC to observe the needs of consumers, and to translate them into technical parts. We first submit several projects to the community, then launch production based on customer feedback.

We therefore start from drawings to arrive at prototypes allowing us to finalize the productions. We attach particular importance to the final finishing details. All our products are traceable and eco-designed, from certified, recyclable or natural materials. The choice of material is also essential in our designs, and we attach great importance to selecting the best.


It's simple, the bottles are collected in Rhône-Alpes and northern Italy. They are then crushed, reduced to shavings and then melted to obtain small plastic balls.

These balls are melted a second time to stretch it until the desired thread is obtained. This yarn can then be woven to obtain the final material!

It's simple, we reduce our waste by reusing it, and we save resources by consuming those already at our disposal!


NOSC works with the Post Office and tracking services. You will be delivered in 5 working days if everything goes well. Longer delays are not our responsibility and cannot be charged to us.


Everything is explained when you order, but be aware that small orders register a price of 3.90€. Above 100€, delivery is FREE in mainland France.


TENCEL® refers to a cellulose fiber made from wood pulp, dissolved in a natural and non-toxic solvent. TENCEL® is produced only from the pulp of trees that grow quickly with little water and pesticides, such as eucalyptus or fir.

The company that manufactures it, LENZIG, has developed a process for reusing its solvents, so that the entire chain runs in a closed cycle.

The Tencel garment is machine washable at 30° it can be dried at low temperature, in short it is solid and as easy to maintain as a synthetic fiber garment.


Being a young brand, we sometimes quickly run out of stock. We sometimes launch new productions in restock, do not hesitate to leave us your email and we will tell you when the product returns.


Returns are free from France. You can return your products up to 15 days after receipt as required by French law.

Send an email to specifying all the details of the order.


Once your product has been received, you will be reimbursed within 1 week.

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What is the meaning of NOSC?

NOSC is the acronym for Natural & Outdoor Sport Clothings . A little long to write and pronounce, we favor the diminutive NOSC, although each word that constitutes it is important. You can discover the history of the brand to find out more.

Why #sportbynature?

Sport by nature, and the protection of nature through sport. Share your adventures with the hashtag #sportbynature and by tagging NOSC on social networks, we will share with you!

Why make versatile products?

1. Adaptability: Versatile sports products allow you to practice multiple sports disciplines without purchasing specialized equipment, thus offering a greater variety of sports activities.

2. Savings: Money, space and impact. Purchasing a single versatile product is more economical than purchasing several specialized products, while avoiding the clutter of rarely used equipment (minimalism), thus saving space, money and limit the release of CO2.

3. Practicality: Versatile sports products, as technical as more specialized products, allow you to go on an adventure without asking any questions, to cope with all conditions and thus to fully enjoy the present moment.

What does eco-responsibility mean and how do you apply it?

The notion of eco-responsibility is very broad and can be interpreted in quite different ways depending on people or brands. What is certain is that this concerns all aspects of the company, that is to say from yarn sourcing to packaging.

At NOSC, this is the reason for being and the very creation of the brand. Since 2018, we have been trying, through materials, production partners, packaging and all company stakeholders, to minimize the impact of our production on the environment. We produce, therefore we pollute, it’s a fact. But the reductions that can be imagined are drastic, and what we want to move towards.

Where can you buy your NOSC products?

You will find the list of partner stores where you can try and buy our products.

You can also order online, from home, or come and meet us at the NOSC showroom, based in Lyon.

Do you offer gift cards at NOSC?

Of course, you will find NOSC gift cards , valid on all of the brand's products. The assurance of not making a mistake on the size or the product to offer.

Do the collections disappear every season?

Our products are designed to be timeless, long-lasting staples in your sports locker rooms. In this sense, no collection is destined to disappear.

We prefer to think of our developments in generations. A first generation, then a second if changes are necessary, and so on. A piece of clothing can therefore have several lives, over several generations.

I don't know how to equip myself, can you advise me?

As practitioners of many disciplines ourselves, we can advise you in the choice of your textile equipment for all your adventures.

Contact us directly in the Chatbot (bubble at the bottom right) , a member of the team will support you throughout the purchase.

Deliveries and shipments

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs vary depending on the type of delivery and the country you wish to be delivered to. For example, in France, delivery to a relay point is €3 and free for all orders over €120.

For international shipments, delivery costs vary for Europe or the American continent.

What is the delivery delay ?

Delivery times are between 2 and 3 working days. The time may sometimes be slightly longer when preparing the order, particularly due to processing peaks or public holidays.

What are the delivery methods?

We use delivery partners, such as:

  • Mondial Relay for delivery to relay points and internationally
  • GLS for standard delivery
  • UPS for express delivery

You can also collect your order in person in our showroom in Lyon (subject to stock availability).

Can I modify my order after finalizing it?

Your order is often processed within 24 hours of purchase, so it is difficult for us to modify your order within this time frame.
You can still contact us so that we can do the best we can.

I have been debited, but I do not have a confirmation email, what should I do?

If you have been debited without having received an order confirmation email, send us a message via the contact form or directly in the chatbox, we will confirm the validation of your order with you.

What is pre-order?

Pre-ordering is a system that we use to facilitate our product development and releases. This allows you to benefit from a product in advance, at a reduced price, and for us this secures production and allows us to launch the necessary quantity. No overstock, no clearance, no waste. You pay a little less, we know a little more, and the planet thanks us all.

Find all our current pre-orders .

Exchanges and returns

What is your return policy ?

Exchanges and returns are offered within 14 days of receipt of your order.

How to make an exchange?

Send us an email to the address specifying:

  • your first/last name
  • your order number
  • the product to return
  • the desired exchange or refund

We will then send you by email a return slip to affix to your package and to drop off at the La Poste office nearest to you.

Is it possible to get a refund?

Of course, provided you return the product without damage. This is automatically verified before proceeding with the reimbursement.

I did not receive the correct product, what should I do?

If you have not received the correct product, send us a message via the contact form or directly in the chatbox, we will respond to your request as quickly as possible.

How to make a return ?

To make a return, see the “how to make an exchange” section above, the process being the same.

Sizes and cuts

How are your men's clothes sized?

Our men's clothing has a regular fit for the tops and rather close to the body for the bottoms, in order to have maximum freedom of movement.

Find all the sizing details on the product pages.

How are your women's clothes sized?

Depending on the products, you will find slimfit or regular fit cuts depending on your sports or lifestyle needs.

Find all the sizing details on the product pages.

Do clothes shrink in the wash?

No, no shrinkage of more than 2% was noted in any of our washing tests. We recommend machine washing at 30°C. Do not put in the dryer.

Depending on the nature of the fibers, whether synthetic or natural, it is possible that if you wash the product too hard, it may be damaged. Make sure you choose the right laundry program!

I don't know what size to choose, what should I do?

You have three solutions:

  • refer to the product size guide,
  • click on the widget on the left of the page
  • send us a request via the Chatbot , specifying your body type.

With practice, we now know how to advise you on the right size without fail.

Warranties & repairs

How long is my product guaranteed?

We guarantee all NOSC products for 3 years at 100%, then, for the entire life of the garment after these first 3 years, by offering complete repair of the product.

Is it possible to have my product repaired?

For 3 years, our partner workshop Goodloop repairs your clothes , at our expense.

So for you, it's free. Then, you only have to cover 50% of the repair costs, we take care of the rest.

How does your repair program work?

Soon, a specific module will be set up on the site. In the meantime, simply open a discussion with our after-sales service team who will take care of your request, subject to an invoice for the product and a photo of the area or thing to be repaired (seam, zip, etc.).

A slip will then be created, so that you can ship the product within 7 days to our partner workshop. When it is repaired, it returns to your home to begin its second life!

How long does it take to repair my product?

Between creating the request, sending it to the repair workshop and then the repair itself, it takes between 3 weeks and 1 month.

Are all products accepted?

We accept all NOSC clothing of all generations, if repair is possible. A complete assessment of the repair possibilities is carried out together before sending to the partner workshop.


What payment methods are available?

For your online purchases, only payment by credit card or Paypal is accepted (for security reasons). Furthermore, it is possible to pay in cash in our NOSC store in Lyon.

A “payment error” appears, what should I do?

This can come either from your payment method or from our service provider. For this, we recommend:

- to check your payment information

- to validate 3D secure if it is activated by your bank

- to try again.

If the problem persists, do not hesitate to send us an email to or call us at .

Payment 2x or 3x with Alma

With Alma, you have the possibility of spreading the payment of your order in 2 or 3 installments without charge.

When paying, choose the Alma x2 or Alma x3 solution, you will then be redirected to the service provider to pay for your order.

Use a gift card

You can pay with a gift card, by inserting the code written on the card in the “gift card or promo code” space when paying. The total amount to be paid will thus be recalculated.

Is it possible to have an invoice?

The invoice is automatically sent when you order, you can find it in the confirmation email. If this is not the case, do not hesitate to contact us by email at

Customer account

Why create a NOSC account?

Creating a NOSC account makes it easier for you to track your order, access your past purchases and save time at checkout. You can access or create your customer area at any time.

A new version of the customer account is being created, to give you access to exclusive features and special advantages. Release planned for early 2024.

Why subscribe to the NOSC newsletter?

Subscribing to the NOSC newsletter gives you access to exclusive content such as advice, guides, preview releases of new products or even special offers reserved for subscribers.

Join the NOSC adventure.

Material and innovation

What is castor fiber?

Castor fiber is a bio plastic. It is an organic polyamide -PA11 or PA1010 which comes from the oil harvested from castor beans. It is therefore a biosynthetic fiber, biosourced, since it does not come from petroleum.

Is it a natural fiber?

Scientifically speaking, castor biopolyamide fiber is not a natural fiber. It is an organic sourced fiber. The distinction lies in the origin of the fiber but above all in its industrial process. A cotton fiber, Tencel, or linen are natural fibers since they come directly from the material, with no or very little chemical or synthetic transformations.

Do castor bean products itch?

No, it's the opposite ! The fiber from castor beans is known to be extremely soft, unlike merino wool, for example. This is also one of the many characteristics that please our customers, convinced by this fiber.

Does castor oil in clothes make hair grow?

No, obviously. This belief is widespread because unprocessed castor oil is often used to grow beards or hair. Here, knowing that we are on a fiber transformed from oil, and therefore completely painless, colorless and harmless, no action on the skin is to be noted.

Why did you choose castor bean to make sportswear?

The choice seemed obvious to us for many reasons. First of all, this fiber is naturally elastic, so we appreciate it for its durability and its ability to adapt to body shapes.

Then, it is rightly considered as anti-odor, since almost 500 times fewer bacteria develop on this fiber, compared to cotton, a real advantage for the practice of sport.

Also, the bio-sourced fiber ensures optimal thermal management by perfectly regulating temperatures and humidity. Ideal for venturing where the weather is uncertain. Finally, its soft touch and its versatility have finally convinced us.

Obviously, this material is more expensive to purchase than their non-biosourced equivalents.

Is it ecological?

To produce is to pollute. Whether the fiber comes from petroleum or not, whether it is natural or not. Based on this premise, we sought to find the best balance between performance, durability over time, versatility, and impact. This fiber appeared to us to be a solid and credible alternative.
Growing on semi-arid soils, it competes little or not with agriculture for humans. Requiring little water, less than cotton or Tencel, it allows savings at this level. It is also a good alternative to petro-sourced fibers, in a world where this resource is becoming rarer (and polluting). Finally, according to studies, which we take with a grain of salt, there is a saving of between 15 and 35% in CO2 compared to a classic polyamide.

But, for us, after 3 years of using this fiber, its real strength is its strength and durability. You will have no deformation, no loss of color and you will continue to have a high-performance product for a long time. This is also an ecological fiber.

Is castor fiber like merino wool?

These two fibers are very similar, particularly for their anti-odor and thermal qualities. The difference is that castor oil has the ability to dry more quickly, for its softness and strength over time and the fact that it does not deform. For the rest, we can indeed talk about similarities!