Since August, we have been a member of the Outdoor Sports Valley association. A cluster that brings together all the players in the world of outdoor sports. In full development, we wanted to go further and felt a need for targeted support around our current issues. The sponsorship program naturally became a viable solution for NOSC. We are delighted to be able to say today that the 2020 referral program will integrate NOSC into its promotion! NOSC by OSV sponsorship, here we go!

OSV, what is it?

Much more than a simple association, the OSV is above all a place that brings together actors, companies, customers and tools dedicated to outdoor sports and business.
Several programs are designed and developed around this theme. You can find dedicated training, a central job offers and many other services.

Sponsorship: The advantage for NOSC

To progress in our offer, our development and our projects, we will therefore be accompanied by two mentors from the world of outdoor sports. They will be able to advise, warn or help us on some of our current issues, such as how to offer you the best possible product?

    The advantage for you?

    Intended for companies, this support course will be beneficial to you. We will indeed concentrate our efforts on the offer that is proposed to you, and we believe that it is currently the most important. Efforts which, we hope, will be reflected in the quality of the products offered, their lifespan, or their extensive responsible side.

    Thank you for this year

    Reconciling sport and ecology is a mission that we have set ourselves and that we want to share with you.

    We must therefore thank you for your involvement in this year 2019. For us, it was full of twists and turns with the arrival of our first collection, the opening of our site, our first failures and our first successes. With factory closures hampering our progress, working on new fibers, and developing innovations for 2020, we've been working a lot "in the shadows" to create beautiful things. We can't wait to reveal it all to you!

    Beautiful products have also arrived recently and they are very popular, such as the socks and our new neck warmers. All this pushes us to surpass ourselves and still offer you new products for 2020.

    An evening for the launch of the year 2020 will be organized for you in January, so watch our social networks to not miss anything!

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