As the end-of-year celebrations approach, we have made a selection of 10 eco-responsible gift ideas for you to put under the Christmas tree from brands that we love. Unisex gifts for all tastes: fashion, food, cosmetics.  Their common point? Respect for the planet!

You will have plenty of choice to refine (or start) your Christmas gifts for your loved ones as for you.


1 - Gourmet gifts

We start right away with the food category for a gourmet gift . For breakfast fans, the N ümorning brand has created products especially for you.

We find for example the famous spread that everyone likes to have at home. But it is not just any: it is  a new recipe for granola spread ! Without nuts, it brings you fiber and protein and will satisfy all your chocolate cravings! To be enjoyed spread or drizzled on your granola bowls (which you can also find at N ümorning ).

You can get this chocolate spread or other flavors on their website

For people who are not too sweet and who prefer salty, don't worry, we haven't forgotten you!

Here we offer you an artisanal extra virgin olive oil from the Olio di serra brand. Considered the best because of its low oleic acid content, it also keeps longer. This sophisticated olive oil was made with 80% Provenzana and 20% Risciola olives from the Ferrantone and Valle della Forca olive groves.

The bottle is made of opaque anti-UV glass and the cap is secure.  Artisanal extra virgin olive oil (0.25L) la Piccola is 12€. 

You can get this olive oil and many other brand products on their website

The brand also offers gift boxes to accompany your olive oil as it should.

2 - Nutritional Gifts

Now make way for nutritional gifts for the most athletic with two French brands that we really like.

  • TOP 3 - Nutritional supplements from the Nutripure brand

The first is the Nutripure brand, a brand of essential nutritional supplements due to the degradation of food.

You can find the brand's products on the website:

  • TOP 4 - BAOUW brand organic energy bars

The second brand for this category is the BAOUW brand! The latter offers organic energy bars to take with you everywhere. For sports or just as a healthy and natural snack. Long-lasting energy for exercise or for a gourmet break (no added sugar). Certified ingredients from organic farming.

There is something for every taste !

You can find the brand's products on the website:

3 - Heartwarming Gifts

We can contribute to respecting the planet in all our daily actions, the first of which is to take care of ourselves . And yes, linking the useful to the pleasant is possible! Several brands prove it and today we are going to present you the products of two brands that we love.

TOP 5 - The solid shampoo from Umaï Cosmétique

This solid shampoo is vegan, gluten-free, not tested on animals and made in France. It allows you up to 40 washes on average! It can be sold with its cork oak box, made of 100% natural and biodegradable cork . Thanks to it, you can protect and take your solid shampoo everywhere with you.

This duo is sold at 26€ on the website

You can also find the separate products.

Between the cold, the masks, and even the stress that we accumulate, our skin is abused during this period. We are now going to present you a brand and its products that respect your skin and the planet.

TOP 6 - The face duo of the Cosmoz brand

Thanks to the serum "La guerre des pimples" you will be able to eliminate the bacteria responsible for your pimples without drying out the skin.

Complete your routine with a day & night facial treatment to moisturize daily and prevent small imperfections.

You can find the face duo at 40€ on the website

TOP 7- Cosmoz hand care

This Cosmoz hand care moisturizes and repairs your damaged hands. Used daily, it prevents the appearance of dryness.

You can do this hand treatment for €10.95 on the brand's website:

4 - Trendy Gifts

We couldn't make a top 10 Christmas gifts without talking about fashion, and more particularly eco-responsible sports fashion. 

TOP 8 - The Sweater of the Future of the brand HOPAAL

Perfect for winter, we now offer you accessories and clothing to stay warm at home or to go out to face the cold.

A very soft sweater 100% in recycled merino wool and made in France . For men and women, this sweater made of 100% natural material is available in several colors.

You can find it on the brand's website at a price of 150€

TOP 9 - NOSC headbands

For the more athletic, NOSC products are also part of this top 10!

We offer you eco-responsible accessories for your sports trips, perfect for the arrival of winter and therefore the cold!

The first item we offer is a headband that will protect you from the wind and cold for your winter sports. Made from recycled polyester bottles in Annecy , it was inspired by the headbands of professional Nordic athletes. It has also been tested by our ambassadors, including Célia Aymonier , former biathlon champion.

For the more cautious, we also have neck warmers with new colors!

TOP 10 - NOSC socks

The second NOSC item that we offer are the castor fiber socks . Thanks to this innovative material, say goodbye to bad odors and hello to a second skin effect. This gift is ideal for sports fans who can't find textiles that suit them!

These socks have also been tested and validated by more than 600 happy feet.

Our headbands and socks are priced at 16€ and you can find them on our shop

For the biggest budgets and a head-to-toe outfit, you can now pre-order our Active GreenFil Castor Fiber Legging & Bra outfit. Men can also find what they are looking for thanks to our recycled shorts and t-shirts !

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