Who has never realized one day that he had forgotten something important to put in his bag while going to work, shopping or even while going to play sports ?

We've all been in this kind of situation before! For example, that unbearable feeling of a runny nose when we didn't have a handkerchief . What a horror, isn't it?

Today, we are therefore going to tell you which are the eco-responsible essentials to put in your sports bag or in your pockets in order to spend a running , cycling or hiking session in the best conditions.


1 – Tissues in your gym bag to avoid embarrassing situations 

First, the famous handkerchiefs (if you don't want to find yourself in an embarrassing situation)! Moreover, know that it is very common to want to blow your nose during physical exertion.

Indeed, by activating your respiratory rate, it increases the work of humidifying the nasal walls and therefore the runny nose. In short, the mucous membranes of the nose produce more mucus during physical exertion than when you are rested.

The POPEE brand

We present to you the POPEE brand , recycled toilet paper , made in France , without toxic products for your skin and delivered in recyclable packaging ! Ecolabel and Origine France Garantie toilet paper and tissues that take care of your skin and the planet: small gestures, big impact !

In a few figures, 1 tonne of paper recycled at their paper manufacturer corresponds to:

  • 17 trees saved
  • 300kg less CO2 in the atmosphere
  • 2x less energy consumed
  • 20x less water consumed

2 – The small snack to counter energy drops

For small hollows and to avoid low energy, we advise you to always have something to snack on in your backpack . And, even if it means taking a break to eat, as long as it's good!

The BAOUW brand

We no longer present the 100% natural organic sports nutrition brand for exercise: BAOUW .

The brand offers energy bars to slip into your backpack or your pockets !

BAOUW also offers organic energy compotes . Small gourmet gourds concentrated in packaging made from 85% plant -based ingredients.

3 – The water bottle in your sports bag against dehydration

The essential! If there's one thing you should have in your backpack , it's water ! According to the IRBMS (Research Institute for the Well-being of Medicine and Sport), it is advisable to drink during exercise , every 20 minutes, one to two glasses of water , ie 200 ml.

The GOBI brand

For this, we present to you a brand of water bottles 100% made in France , eco-designed and customizable ! Remember to hydrate yourself well and in small quantities during your physical activity.

4 – Deodorant to fight against bad odors

If you have a little space left and for your comfort (or that of others), add a deodorant to your panoply of seasoned sportsmen.

The COZIE brand

Choose deodorants that respect your skin and the environment. For this we present to you the COZIE brand , zero aluminum salts, effective even in hot weather, feeling of freshness all day and certified Cosmos Organic: 99% of the total is of natural origin and 71% of the total comes from organic farming .

5 – Sports accessories to put in your bag

Drafts during a run or a bike race are never pleasant! But if you cover yourself too much, you risk being too hot… What a dilemma! Of course we have the solution!

The NOSC brand

For this we advise you to always have a headband or a neckerchief like ours. Very easy to slip into your sports bag because they are thin, these accessories made from recycled materials are also stretchy and keep your ears warm and your forehead dry! The little extra? The fiber used guarantees quick drying !

6 – The little extras to slip into your sports bag

If you are lucky enough to be able to take a shower, then add a solid soap in your bag, always respectful of your body and the environment (as the UMAÏ brand does for example and it takes up less space) and a towel!

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