His sporting journey is inspiring and we couldn't miss his story and his latest project.

Olivier Crouvizier , NOSC expert and eco-responsible runner for a few months now, offered to accompany him on his departure to try to set the " fastest known time " record for the GR of the Golden Stones Tour.

This is a 100km GR north-west of Lyon on which he is trying to set a reference time.

Are you ready ?

1- The origins of the project

Before embarking on the story of Olivier's new project, an introduction is in order.

Who is Olivier Crouvizier?

Our athlete turns 35 this year and practices ultra trail through personal adventures where he tries to combine sport and eco-responsibility.

Among his latest sporting exploits, we find the sand marathon, carried out in 2021 in 100% autonomy, just two months after the UTMB. Equipped with NOSC (of course), Olivier traveled the desert from October 3 to 13, 2021 and did not return indifferent to this high-level sporting event, marked this year by historic heat.

His new sports project

On July 1 , 2022, Olivier is launching a new challenge: to set a reference time in the GRP of the Golden Stones Tour.

It is a country long-distance path (that is to say, a secondary GR), which starts from Lozanne, in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, which passes through all the villages of the golden stones and through a large part of Beaujolais.

His goals for the GR

His leitmotif : no pressure!

To spend a pleasant day running (since he loves it), to be amazed and full of legs, here are his personal goals.

On a more sporting level, the objective is to register a reference mark in terms of time. This mark may subsequently be the subject of a record to be broken, in all kindness. A good way to invite other athletes to come and test this course.

For this brand, Olivier aims to run at an average of 10 km/h over the entire course, i.e. 10 hours of effort.

Why do we love ? Beyond sporting performance, this adventure inspires self-transcendence, without bibs, and without limits. The race is not against others but against, even with oneself, and this is also what drives us at NOSC. A real desire to change things, starting with the example with ourselves and what we offer on a daily basis through our clothes.

2- D-Day – July 1 , 2022

We quickly embark on Olivier's day, in order to realize, at the heart of the effort, what has been achieved, and under what conditions.


6:00 – Departure from Lyon

We start the day with a short train ride of 20-30 min to get to Lozanne station, departure of the GR tour of the golden stones. First good point, no travel by car is made, and it's already a victory for us.

7:00 – Arrival in Lozanne and departure for the first 20 kilometers

A soaring start earned him some small leg pains but once he found his rhythm, Olivier took advantage of the landscape and the shimmering colors that surrounded him. Based on his predicted time, he walks past us with a big smile.


9:00 – Refueling

The NOSC expert always makes his own recipes for supplies. On the menu this morning, homemade tortilla (made from corn flour and wheat) stuffed with banana and chocolate. (Do not hesitate to tell us if you wish to have the complete recipe). On our side, we have already tested the date dumplings and it is 100% validated!

11:00 – Continuous effort

A long climb of 10km obliges Olivier to adapt his pace and to force slightly to keep the rhythm. He is still motivated and full of resources to finish the GR in 10 hours. For the moment, the objective is not very far, but the heat does not help to keep the rhythm fixed upstream!

19:00 – The result

Olivier brilliantly finished the course in 12h 18m and 12s and therefore recorded a reference time on this GRP of the Golden Stones Tour.

We invite you to discover his report here !

From his feedback and his experience, our expert especially wants to keep certain images in mind; like the varied landscapes and environments, interesting to explore and drive through. The fact of coming and leaving by train, running with your own supplies and with committed clothing are also part of a coherent challenge, 100% local and committed, even beyond performance.

Regarding the NOSC products, our expert wore the Reset Tee, the Wild Short and the cap. Breathability, lightness and technicality were therefore there to accompany the athlete in his challenge of the day.

I really liked this new t-shirt, even lighter than my usual WILD outfit, especially since the material in the back allows you to breathe well with the bag! The shorts, I know them well, they have been with me for more than 2000 kilometers on the trails, and nothing has changed »

3- To go further

The + of this course

This GR is a few years old already and is located in the north in the Lyon region. Despite a large city around it is still not very well known. However, it is very easy to reach it by rail link. The trip to the start of the GR is therefore really pleasant and is carried out with less impact. This route also allows you to discover a very beautiful region around Lyon without going to more remote places with roads or in the very well-known massifs where the number of visitors increases structurally.

Its ecological approach

As we mentioned in the presentation of the challenge, Olivier runs with a strong ecological and eco-responsible commitment, and has done so for several years. He contacted us from the start because the NOSC approach was essential for him in an outdoor environment that was still too closed to this need for meaning. It therefore tries to minimize its footprint on the environment as much as possible by questioning and controlling consumption (textiles, nutrition, recycling, travel, use of digital technology, etc.).

The NOSC x Olivier collaboration

Olivier's sporting practice and the values ​​that accompany it completely represent the DNA of NOSC.

Moreover, our expert perfectly defines our collaboration:

“Together, we represent ethical and social values ​​that correspond perfectly to our respective approaches. Also, the local establishment of the brand, in a human and Lyon area, are strong and important commitments for me ”.

We couldn't have said it better.

Thank you, Olivier, for your trust and congratulations on this new sporting success!

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