Why make versatile sportswear?

Being well equipped for sports and being more eco-responsible is possible, thanks to the versatility of NOSC sports equipment! What is it about ? Versatile and high-performance sportswear that ensures optimal comfort in all your practices while being respectful of the environment . We are among the brands to have launched eco-responsible multisport products and the benefits of their production are multiple.


NOSC, the brand of multisport products

NOSC a young brand of sports equipment. We aim to help athletes to be more responsible by offering technical equipment. For this, we use natural fibers and recycled materials , in particular recycled polyester (PET) made from plastic bottles from Rhône-Alpes and Italy. This material is known for its lightness, flexibility and breathability.

To reduce the use of materials and sports textile waste in the environment, we have launched versatile products adapted to your practices . For example, with our versatile KEEPGREEN neck warmer , you can use it during a run, a climbing session or a bike ride; around your neck on cold days, as a headband if it's windy or on your wrist.

    For an eco-responsible commitment

    The negative impact we cause on the environment during our outdoor practices must change! Did you know that most of the sports equipment on the market is made of synthetic fibres: polyester, polyamide, acrylic…? All these materials are made from polluting fossil resources. This is why textiles are the second most harmful industries for the planet . It is also the cause of many environmental damages with, among other things, the use of energy to operate the machines and the carbon impact during the transport of these products.

    Therefore, investing in versatile sports equipment allows you to use it in all your sports activities: running, cycling, trail running... This is beneficial for the environment since it limits your purchases. It also makes it possible to reduce the overconsumption of natural resources for the design of new clothes and thus gives the opportunity to preserve the environment, at your level.

    For the respect of the urban and natural environment

    Many polluting and harmful chemicals go into the production of sportswear, for example dyeing . Workers are exposed to these components on a daily basis and so are you when you wear them. They are also bad for the environment but we wear them when we run in nature. Imagine the amount of components that you disperse if you tend to change clothes for each activity… That's why, at NOSC, we have chosen sober colors and a reduction of printing on our textiles.

    As a bonus : The purchase of versatile sportswear limits textile waste. Indeed, if you consume a lot more clothes, you throw away a lot more.

    For less consumption, but more efficient

    Buying NOSC multisport products means investing in good equipment that you can keep for longer. They meet the most demanding needs of all athletes: performance, resistance and quality . They guarantee you great comfort during your outdoor sports activities. Even if our prices are relatively high, it will be cheaper for you than to buy more often medium quality equipment that you will only use for one season.

    Thus, it is better to consume less, but better in harmony with nature!

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