With a view to co-development of our eco-responsible sports brand with the community, we asked you about future desires and you wanted to build an eco-responsible cap. We have done our best to respond to this request: how to create a truly eco-responsible sports cap ?

We are going to see how we have designed the product so that it is both technical and adapted to your running, hiking and other intense sports, and at the same time eco-responsible in its life cycle, from its conception to its end of life as a product.


Thinking about the eco-responsible cap with your community, a first step in co-construction

How to create the best possible cap , in an ecological way? This is the question we have been asking you over the past few months. Your multiple answers made it possible to build a first important document, the specifications of the WILD cap was born thanks to you. You also decided on the patch that would accompany the cap at the design level, and we think it is also very important to emphasize as it brings to the cap. 

Your feedback has been summarized in three main points:

In an approach where your opinion is extremely important, we have chosen to find the right compromise between a technical, eco-responsible and affordable product in economic terms. After working with a hatter near Toulouse who creates and develops his own products in-house, we made another choice. So why ?

Offer the "right" price

The first tests were encouraging, but in our desire to offer a cap that accompanies you in your intense sport, the use of 100% cotton on the product did not suit us. The price displayed at the end of the workshop would have made us offer the cap at more than 55€ , which was not appropriate with your limit of 35€ that emerged during the surveys and on the TEAM NOSC co-creation group.

In addition, not being able to make a trucker cap in the workshop as you requested, we had to modify our working method. We decided to rethink the cap using a different method, continuing to integrate a French partner who masters production abroad - China here in this case - to offer the best possible product. Our partner, based in Annecy, is one of the French leaders in customization and caps and this product was made possible in part thanks to them. We therefore also employ a company of 8 employees in Annecy to support us on this project.

For this product, we use recycled plastic like our first collection, but in a form dedicated to the cap. This material gives us the possibility of offering an extremely technical, sporty and eco-responsible product in its design due to its recycled base material but also its increased recyclability thanks to the use of a single and unique material. In summary :

  • A product designed by and for athletes - but also for everyday life.
  • Two models to suit everyone
  • A 100% recycled and recyclable product

Escape in the city, control each element and change your habits now with the WILD cap!

Create by being inspired

Tests, and many hours of work

We haven't been idle and it's often tricky to find the right balance between the good and the best. We made the choice to stop the product around two models. A gray model with a sunset design directly inspired by the photo below which is also inspired by one of our personalized stickers sent in your parcels!

A black corporate model with the NOSC logo to prove our commitment and recall our logo

As you will have understood, we have tried to offer you what we consider best. The WILD cap is yours, we can't wait to see the photos of this beautiful product worn, on your heads, in the heart of the most beautiful mountains and the most beautiful urban spaces around you.

The pre-order is still in progress, find the WILD cap on this link or by clicking on the link below. See you soon with NOSC!


See you soon for eco-responsible sport with NOSC!

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