The endorphin , this feeling of well-being after sport that invades us, an indescribable feeling. And what could be better than wearing clothes that provide a feeling of comfort , as a reward for those calories spent during your session?

On the occasion of the Fashion Revolution, we wanted to do something different by creating a 100% made in France and 100% recycled lifestyle capsule collection . An essential range of timeless basics with the resolutely sporty DNA of our brand.


  • What is the Fashion Revolution?
  • The steps made in France of the lifestyle t-shirt

Let's start by explaining the concept of the Fashion Revolution

The Fashion Revolution was born out of the drama of the collapse of a textile factory, the Rana Plaza, in Bangladesh, which caused the death of 1,127 people and injured 2,000 others. The idea of ​​this association was launched by the British Carry Somers, creator of the fair brand Pachacuti .

The association has also launched a hashtag that has been very popular: #whomademyclothes . The latter denounces the lack of transparency of brands on working conditions in textile production.

Fashion Revolution believes that the whole fashion industry needs a radical paradigm shift and that the way that we produce and consume clothes needs to be transformed. This means business models will need to change and a multiplicity of solutions will be required . » Fashion Revolution

This Fashion Revolution was a unique opportunity for us to do something different and release a lifestyle capsule collection : T -shirts 100% made in France and 100% recycled materials . This capsule collection is our way of participating in the Fashion Revolution movement.

Now we take you behind the scenes of the creation of these made in France and eco -responsible T-shirts !

Design of our made in France and eco-responsible t-shirts


We were keen to introduce you to our new 100% made in France and 100% recycled t-shirts . Being a range of basics, it was easier to work with French and local factories , unlike the WILD t-shirt for example, which required more technicality.

Beyond the boundaries of sport, this lifestyle collection is designed to recharge the batteries in everyday moments. Your AFTER Tee gives you a feeling of (re) comfort , for an incomparable after-sports experience.

Put on this tee as a reward for the calories burned during your session.


Now on to the design! The t-shirt from the AFTER range is a mixed product and this desire has forced us to use more oversized cuts on the sleeves and collar, for example.

Moreover, being an outdoor sports brand, the idea was to find the DNA of Nosc through this t-shirt . That's why we called on Aurélien Collet for a quality sporty design.


Once all the conditions were met to make the product we were hoping for, we went looking for materials . One of the most important choices for us. For this Lifestyle range , less technical than the others, we have favored two materials: recycled cotton and recycled polyester. These bring thickness to the T-shirt as well as real comfort . The little extra? No itchy label! All information is screen printed inside the collar!

Once all this was in place, we thought about the weight of the material, which is very important because it is what gives the textile its robustness.

The material used for our T-shirt is 200gr/m2!


Then to finish our made in France adventure, we had to find the factories with whom we would like to carry out this project. To do this, we based ourselves on 3 criteria: The first being that they are in France, the second being that they are as close as possible to our offices, and the third corresponding to the know-how of the factory.

We have therefore selected 3 factories for the manufacture of the materials, the knitting of the T-shirt and, finally, the printing of the logos.


After knitting the material in rolls, the steps are simple: the garment factory cuts the rolls using the pattern then assembles the textiles (collar, sleeve and trunk). Once this is finished, a final quality control is carried out, then we send it all to the printer!

Textile knitting in our partner factory in Moreuil

Cutting of the material on the patterns of the T-shirts

screen printing

Finally, the T-shirts are sent to our last partner factory, near Annecy to be screen printed.

As you can see in the photos below, this is done using a machine that frames the T-shirts , using a press, our T-shirts are screen printed in three movements! All that's left is the drying step and you're done!

Screen printing stages in our partner factory near Annecy

Finally, a little less than 1000km will have been necessary for these t-shirts to arrive in our offices (910 to be precise)! And you want to know the good news? The t-shirts have already arrived and are just waiting for you! Find our 100% made in France and recycled T-shirts right here:

See you soon for eco-responsible sport with NOSC!

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