Nosc is above all a team of passionate and committed athletes.

We cannot imagine NOSC on a daily basis without our Ambassadors . 

We want to include them in the entire design chain of our products: from the creation of the design, upstream, to the end of the life cycle, downstream. The objective is to co-create , together, technical, durable and versatile equipment to meet the needs of all practices!


This month, Etienne Hubert joined the adventure. Top-level kayaker, practicing sprint, his career has been punctuated with success for 15 years.

To his credit, 1 gold medal in the French Championship, 1 gold medal in the European Championship and no less than 3 gold medals and 1 bronze medal in the World Championship.

For NOSC, his journey is a real source of inspiration and we wanted to share it with you.

Meet our new Ambassador!

A short presentation is a must ! Who are you, and what do you do?

I am Etienne HUBERT , 32 years old and still passionate about outdoor sports. High-level athlete in sprint kayaking, I am preparing for the TOKYO 2021 Olympic Games . At the same time, I sharpen my desire and my determination through adventure, whether on foot, by bike or in a kayak. We have a real adventure playground, take advantage of it! 

What are your favorite sports or hobbies, how often do you practice them?

I have to spend 15h/week in my kayak . In terms of physical preparation, I do bodybuilding sessions, running, swimming, yoga... In winter, I don't hesitate to take out my touring skis when the conditions allow it. In summer, it is rather my sneakers or the mountain bike that replace them.


Tell us about your little eco-responsible gestures on a daily basis?

Based in Paris, I travel by electric bike . The 10,000 km mark has just been passed in less than 3 years. I feel that the atmospheric layer and my car are thanking me.

Otherwise, I try to consume local as much as possible.

Your greatest success and your biggest failure? ;)

My greatest success... I would say sharing my experience with young and old alike.

All failures lead to success :)

In reality, the biggest failure is not realizing it, which happens to me when I get too juiced.


Why engage in the NOSC adventure with us?

I like to see motivated entrepreneurs! And besides, it's always better when you share the same values.

In short, NOSC inspires me with a certain confidence and I want to take you to the highest peaks , whether by high level or adventure.

The TEAM NOSC is growing and we welcome Etienne!

We are delighted to have him among us.

You can find all our Ambassadors, Célia Aymonier, Martin Collet, Gaëlle Reiller, Pierre-Louis Rey and Maëlle Grossetête.

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