Since 2010, the pretty city of Lyon has been closing some of its streets to allow runners of all levels to take part in a unique event . If the routes offering a discovery of the districts of Lyon attract a good number of runners, the aspect of competition and surpassing oneself remains a major argument. This year, the Run in Lyon will take place on October 6. NOSC invites you to discover the routes of these races and, if you feel like it, to become an ambassador of our eco-responsible brand for a few hours!


The Run in Lyon, what is it?

Much more than a simple race, the Run in Lyon is above all a running festival.
Four routes have been laid out to allow athletes of all levels, amateurs and seasoned, to participate in this event. Everyone can take part in the race that best suits their physical abilities.

The 10 kilometers

To discover or rediscover the pretty city of Lyon, this race is perfect for all types of runners, whether they are experienced or totally novice. 10 kilometers of running to observe the most beautiful heritage of the capital of Gaul. With family or friends, this route begins in front of the courthouse located in Old Lyon and ends at Place Bellecour. On the way, you will pass many well-known places in the city, such as:

  • the music conservatory
  • the district of Croix-Rousse
  • the Opera


Intended for experienced runners, this course of more than 42 kilometers is an emblematic event. Whether it's a first or an umpteenth marathon, this race represents a real sporting objective for all lovers of runs. This unique route remains for many a wonderful memory and an opportunity to go beyond its limits:

  • the first kilometers on the quays of the Saône
  • crossing the Paul Bocuse bridge
  • reach the Croix-Rousse district
  • go around the Tête d'Or park
  • reach the quays of the Rhône and the Gerland stadium
  • the last kilometers towards Place Bellecour

The Half Marathon

Increasingly popular, this course is accessible to runners of all levels. However, it requires a few weeks of training beforehand. This sporting challenge allows you to discover the cultural and emblematic centers of Lyon. Starting from the courthouse, this route will allow you to discover different places near the banks of the Saône:

  • the district of Croix-Rousse
  • the Paul Bocuse bridge
  • the tassigny bridge
  • the Opera
  • Place Bellecour

The relay marathon

This course is the same as that of the classic marathon, with the difference that it is carried out in relay. You can take part in this race as a group to distribute your efforts and experience this event with friends or family! The Run in Lyon relay marathon is divided into 3 stages:

  • 1st relay of 21 kilometers starting from the Quai Tilsitt and arriving at the Parc de la Tête d'Or
  • 2nd relay of 14 kilometers from the Parc de la Tête d'Or and arrival at the Gerland stadium
  • 3rd relay of 7 kilometers from the Stade de Gerland and arrival at Place Bellecour

Become a NOSC ambassador for a race

Try our eco-responsible sports products

If you are a regular on this blog, you know how much environmental protection is a concept that is close to our hearts. If you have just discovered our brand, we invite you to consult our commitments to understand a little better the pillars that support our project.

Reconciling sport and ecology is a mission that we have set ourselves and that we want to share with you. Our values ​​are simple: use recycled materials to give them a second life and offer you resistant products that meet your needs. Our objective ?

  • reduce our impact on the environment
  • to develop our practices and change our mode of consumption
  • help you become an athlete invests in the future of the planet,
  • discover natural materials suitable for sport

Run responsibly alongside NOSC

On the occasion of the Run in Lyon, we would like to allow you to become a NOSC ambassador and to wear our natural fiber clothing . Put on a pair of castor thread socks and a breathable T-shirt to take part in this sporting event! The NOSC range is:

  • eco-responsible accessories, made with respect for the planet
  • antibacterial, anti-odor and comfortable textiles!
  • essentially recyclable and recycled materials

Training for this event with us is not only the opportunity to become an ambassador. Joint sessions are a formidable way to progress, motivate yourself and go beyond your limits. Running in a group allows you to practice an activity with people who have the same goals as you. What's better for a successful workout?

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