Far from being trivial, the choice of your pair of sports socks must be done conscientiously. Material, design and comfort are significant elements that need to be taken into account. How to choose the right sports socks? This is the big question we are answering today!


How to choose the right sports socks? A good pair of sports socks, in short NOSC sports socks, all-terrain accessories

How to choose the right sports socks?

Spontaneously, most of us will answer “ Never mind, they're just socks! ”. If we agree that they should be comfortable to wear, let's not forget that good sports socks should help keep your feet dry and absorb shocks . Here are some tips for choosing the right accessory that will accompany you for many hours.

Find the right material for your sports socks

There are as many materials as there are pairs of sports socks. It is therefore difficult to find your way around and make a relevant choice, adapted to your needs. Natural materials have been on the rise in recent years. And for good reason, their advantages are numerous and their manufacture is intended to respect the environment. How to resist it? Castor thread, lyocell or even tencell are particularly pleasant materials in contact with the skin. They have the advantage of being natural and recyclable.

Opt for a model of breathable sports socks

A good pair of socks is above all an accessory that ensures a good hygienic function . To avoid fungal infections, the fibers must allow good evacuation of perspiration. The textiles used must have antibacterial properties in order to limit the proliferation of bacteria responsible for bad odours.

Take pairs of reinforced socks for better comfort

For your sports sessions to go as well as possible, we recommend that you choose sports socks with reinforcements on certain parts of the foot. If this allows better support , it also reduces the risk of overheating or blisters.

A quality pair of socks necessarily has a higher price, but it has a longer lifespan. The thread and the materials used are more resistant to washing and rubbing with shoes. Whatever the sport you practice, you must find the model that best suits the practice and your needs.

A good pair of sports socks, in short

As you will have understood, finding the ideal accessory is not so easy. Much more than a simple question of aesthetics, it is above all a question of having a practical and comfortable pair of socks.

- quality socks

- natural fiber materials

- thick and pleasant textiles

- cheap socks

- synthetic materials

- fabrics that are too thin

NOSC sports socks, all-terrain accessories

In a healthy and ecological approach , we have imagined a pair of sports socks adapted to different situations. To accompany you throughout your sports sessions, our accessories:

  • guarantee optimal comfort : reinforcement at the heel and toe thanks to a loop, elastic tightening at the instep for better support
  • are designed for all practices : cycling, trail running, hiking, etc.
  • are designed with GreenFil® technology , renowned for its antibacterial properties

ecological manufacturing

natural fibers

environmentally friendly design

for men and for women

made in France

You have all the cards in hand to find a pair of sports socks . Pretty, comfortable and hygienic, they are much more than a simple accessory! Remember to choose them according to the sport you practice. You will usually find an indication on the product packaging.

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