With a view to healthier and more respectful consumption, we have designed ecological clothing adapted to different sports practices. Today, many brands and associations fight daily to defend values ​​that are dear to them: preservation of forests, oceans, mountains, for the reduction of waste production, cleaning of the environment... NOSC is one of those companies that try every day to minimize their footprint on the environment by producing eco-responsible clothing. Focus on the different ways to combine sport and ecology !


Eco-responsible raw materials: a first link between sport and ecology

Who said it was impossible to reconcile sport and ecology? In an approach where every gesture counts, the choice of sportswear remains an important step. Out of the clothes made thousands of kilometers away, the polluting factories that do not respect suffering nature. Equip yourself with accessories designed with respect for a certain ethic, this is what NOSC offers you with its range of eco-responsible clothing:

  • By choosing organic materials, from sustainable production.
  • By opting for very good quality recycled materials.
  • By promoting materials that can be recycled.

We mainly use textiles made from recycled plastics (PET) and Tencel, extracted from wood fiber from eco-managed forests. These materials allow us to produce clothing that is both respectful and pleasant to wear:

  • Loose and soft clothes.
  • Antibacterial textiles.
  • Breathable anti-odour materials.

T-shirts, socks and many accessories are waiting for you in our shop. Change your habits now!

1% for the planet: an association of philanthropic entrepreneurs

Launched in 2001, this movement aims to develop a certain environmental philanthropy of companies, without harming their business. How ? By donating 1% of their income to associations fighting for many causes. Currently, no less than 1,300 companies donate part of their profits to associations for the preservation of the environment. 1% for the planet works for:
  • biodiversity and ecosystems
  • health and the environment
  • farming
  • rivers and oceans
  • climate and energy
  • eco-citizen movements

1% for the planet in France is:

  • 300 member companies
  • 5 million euros donated annually
  • 510 approved associations

Fighting for the reduction of waste production

Surfrider: an association committed to protecting the oceans.

For more than 25 years, the European Surfrider Foundation has been working to preserve the oceans. Involved in European politics, this association plays an important role in education and awareness of the problem of water pollution . Surfrider offers many solutions and alternatives to safeguard the maritime environment:

  • Ocean's Zéro : an application communicating the right actions to reduce your waste while preserving the ocean.
  • Reset your clothes : adopt the reusable water bottle to limit the presence of plastic in the water.

  • Ocean initiatives : volunteer to collect waste collectively .
  • Art campus : denouncing and alerting on the problem of pollution through artistic works

Did you know ?

  • 10 million tons of waste are dumped into the oceans every year.
  • 80% of this waste is plastic, polluting and harmful to the underwater ecosystem.

Because every gesture counts, let's reduce pollution together in order to preserve our environment!

Mountain Wilderness: an association for the protection of the environment and the mountains

Recognized as a public utility, the Mountain Wilderness association works to preserve the natural mountain environment. Initially, this association allowed mountaineers from all over the world, confirmed or not, to come together in order to carry out concrete actions for the protection of the mountain :

  • act to maintain natural balances
  • challenge inappropriate practices
  • offer a new vision of the mountain

The actions implemented by the association focus on 8 main themes: the development of spaces, whitewater, protected areas, obsolete installations, motorized leisure, soft mobility, sports practices and tourism.

Every day, thanks to small gestures, it is possible to reduce pollution and make more people aware of the preservation of the environment. Reconciling sport and ecology is ultimately not so difficult when you adopt the right reflexes!

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