Bringing the brand to life, growing together! This is the objective that we launched to our Ambassadors whose motivation is inspiring.

It is with this in mind that we are moving forward, with them, to offer you the best products adapted to your practices. Our ambition ? Make respect for the environment the most practiced sport.

A new Ambassador joined the adventure this month. This is Maëlle Grossetête .



A new face in TEAM NOSC

Passionate about sport and nature , it is quite naturally that Maëlle joined the adventure by our side. A professional cyclist , Maëlle relies on one of her main strengths: her mind .

The athlete from Passy joined the FDJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine Futuroscope in January 2018. In addition, faithful to the blue jersey, Maëlle has been involved in the French team for six years.

Between her presence at the European Games in Minsk (Belarus) last year and her multiple participations in road races and time trials, the young cyclist continues to push her limits in order to succeed.

Meet our new Ambassador!

A short presentation is a must ! Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Maëlle Grossetête , I am 22 years old, and I have been a professional cyclist at the FDJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine Futuroscope for 3 years. I am, in parallel, studying physiotherapy .

Finally, I am a big fan of nature and mountains in general.

What are your favorite sports or hobbies, how often do you practice them?

I practice cycling almost daily (about 6 days a week).

Otherwise, I like outdoor sports like running, and winter sports, especially ski touring. Besides, I do a lot of it in preparation for the cycling season .


Tell us about your little eco-responsible gestures on a daily basis?

In Grenoble, where I study, I don't use the car . All trips are made by city bike.

Otherwise, I try to buy in bulk to limit the packaging as much as possible and I sort it out.

Your greatest success and your biggest failure? ;)

It's hard to identify a particular moment, but I'm proud of the double project that I'm carrying out. On the one hand my cycling career and on the other my studies to obtain the diploma of physiotherapist.

For me, chess is an integral part of high-level sport.

We must use it to move forward and thus benefit even more from the successes .


Why engage in the NOSC adventure with us?

I feel concerned by the values ​​of NOSC , which are sport and the preservation of nature .

I can't wait to get away to the mountains with products made in France/Europe and made from recycled products , to start the NOSC adventure.

Welcome to Maëlle in the TEAM NOSC!

Thanks for trusting us. The whole team is very happy to be able to collaborate with Maëlle on the sport of tomorrow, and to be able to count her proudly among the members of Team NOSC .

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