From the reflection phase to the conceptualization phase and up to the final production, what are the key stages in designing a versatile, technical and eco-responsible sports jacket? Indeed, a product is not created overnight, it takes months and sometimes even years from the first phase of reflection to the last phase of production. It took us almost two years to create the WIND JACKET . Why is it taking so long? What are the steps to create an eco-responsible sports textile ? We explain all this through the example of our jacket .


1. The reflection phase

2. The conceptualization phase

3. The prototyping phase

4. Production phase

    What are the different stages of designing an eco-responsible sports jacket ?

    1. The reflection phase

    As with all our products, we go through a major phase of reflection in order to imagine and conceptualize THE product that will meet your needs and expectations .

    This phase is one of the longest since it involves several players. Generally we always have plenty of product ideas. Which garment and for which season is not necessarily the most complicated to define. The longest is to imagine the material , its use, to find it or to develop it, to think about the colors , the graphics , the technical aspects and the feasibility of the product. We anticipate as much as possible any problems that we may encounter. Sometimes certain details can be very important.

    For this, we do a lot of work internally with the stylists we work with. We are also looking for partner factories with whom we will be able to work on eco-responsible materials and product design, in this case the ideal sports jacket, a transparent, technical and traceable product. 

    And since it's a team effort to the end, we also work with our customers. We often send questionnaires or surveys by email or on social networks to determine what you might like.

    We received 150 responses to this questionnaire. Thank you for this commitment.

    Here is your feedback in 4 points:

    Finally, we also talk about it with our AMBASSADORS team (high-level athletes), depending on the sport of each because, let's remember, our clothes are also versatile and correspond to all types of outdoor sports activities (trail, running, hiking , …).

    2. The conceptualization phase

    Then it's time for the conceptualization and sponsorship phase . With the help of our stylists , we produce the technical drawings of the eco-responsible sports jacket we have in mind. We test all kinds of things to have a wide choice later.

    Here you have an example of our first drawings made by our stylist Juliette.

    3. The prototype phase

    When we are satisfied with the previous phase and everything is validated internally, we then move on to the prototyping phase . We send our drawings to our partner factories and await our first prototypes.

    This phase is also quite long because the prototypes are rarely perfect the first time. For the jacket, it took us no less than 6 prototypes before arriving at the final product. The latter was then tested for almost 6 months by our team (internally and by our ambassadors ).

    4. The production phase

    Once the product has been tested and validated, we decline it in several sizes using patterns and make a sales forecast. This is where you enter the game, through the pre-order system that you are starting to know.

    Our eco-responsible sports jacket is also available for pre-order to anticipate the number of sales as much as possible and limit overproduction.


    Exit of the material after treatment - Bourgoin Jailleu partner factory

    See you soon for eco-responsible sport with NOSC!

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