“The planet doesn't need successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, storytellers and enthusiasts of all kinds. " Dalai Lama

This quote from the Dalai Lama resonates quite well with us. At NOSC , we have the same state of mind, we are athletes from a committed and united community. We are among those who do not sit idly by, responsible for our actions. We live with passion and determination !

Today, we want to discuss with you one of the sports practices that represents this vision of the world that we have and that we share: Yoga !

We are therefore going to see together what the different styles of yoga exist and where to practice them in Lyon !

Are you ready ?


1- The history of yoga

" Yoga " means " union " in Sanskrit (Indo-European language of the Indo-Aryan family, once spoken in the Indian subcontinent). This practice is a set of postures and breathing exercises that aims to bring physical and mental well-being . This sporting trend, which is becoming more and more popular, comes straight from India and is over 5000 years old. This is also the oldest practice still in force.

First a spiritual practice, it has become a real sporting activity and it is the westernization of yoga that has made this practice accessible to everyone today.

2- The different types of yoga and their benefits

There are several styles of yoga that all have a different specificity. The most famous are :

  • The most classic, Hatha Yoga , which balances body and mind thanks to the sun (“ha”) and the moon (“tha”). The session can also include songs as well as representative gestures. The pace is slow and allows a moment of introspection and mindfulness. While working on your muscle power and flexibility, Hatha yoga allows you to fully relax.
  • The Ashtenga , the dynamic which brings together a fluid execution and the synchronization of breathing and movement. It develops strength, flexibility, balance and endurance in a balanced way. The regular practice of the different postures also leads to a better awareness of the body, a mental balance and develops concentration. This strengthens muscle power and improves flexibility.

  • Vinyasa , the dancer: Very athletic and creative, it also allows you to link postures with a sustained rhythm, varying the movement and coordinating it with the breath.

  • Iyengar : Is based on the precise physical alignment of the body in particular postures. The postures are held there for longer periods of time than in Vinyasa. This type of yoga favors the use of props (blocks, chairs, belts, blankets) and is suitable for people with injuries.

  • The Kundalini : Between stable postures, choreographies and breathing exercises, the goal is above all to concentrate the session around the spine. Quite intimate, this kind of yoga allows you to develop knowledge of yourself and your body.

And others….

  • Sivananda or Vendeta
  • Sudarshan Kriya
  • The integral
  • Kripalu
  • Anasura

3- Where to practice yoga in Lyon

Gingko Yoga - 17 bis rue Juliette Récamier, 69006 Lyon

The first eco-responsible yoga coffee store in Lyon . A place designed for a 100% well-being break, where to practice, get a massage, equip yourself and taste  his coffee. This rather atypical studio offers yoga retreats, yoga classes (dynamic, simple, specialized flexibility, prenatal classes...) but also a wellness area with alternative massages, Indian and Asian tradition. There is also a shop where you can find our outfits .

The tiger is a place entirely dedicated to personal fulfillment to take care of one's emotional and physical health . The Tigre Yoga Club and Spa combines several soft or dynamic disciplines, treatments and consultations to contribute to letting go and total relaxation of body and mind. A real bubble of well-being that everyone can appropriate according to their desires: take a yoga , Pilates , floor bar , muscle strengthening or cardio boxing class, but also get a massage, read, drink a juice, chat, take a break or simply recharge your batteries.

The Yoga room offers several types of yoga. The team is made up of teachers passionate about yoga, all different from each other.

Zenspace is a soothing space located in the heart of Lyon, Zenspace offers you a break, a breath of fresh air in your day. This yoga studio offers all kinds of yoga and meditation practices for all levels (Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Aerial Yoga…).

  • My yoga shop - 57 Rue Centrale, 69360 Saint-Symphorien-d'Ozon

To get out of the city center of Lyon, we present to you Maboutiqueyoga. It's a concept store with a boutique part and a studio part . Led by Valérie Allibe, there are lessons for all ages: children, teenagers and adults, for all levels! The style of yoga mainly taught is Ashtanga yoga.  !

  • And if you are in Paris: Poses - 21 rue des Filles du Calvaire, 75003 Paris

And if you are ever in Paris and you like atypical places and concepts, we present to you a new yoga studio: Poses . Rhythmic yoga and a unique visual, auditory and physical immersion. Step into Poses, leave the outside world behind.

4- Upcoming events

To discover even more in detail this sporting practice and for a complete initiation, an event will be held in Lyon from July 10 to 11 at the Château de Montchat for the international yoga fair. If you want to know more and register it's right here.

We also want to encourage and support the yogis who have supported us from the start and who are testing our outfits : Sarah Nallet , Cécile Joly and Juliette Roisin .

Now that you have everything in hand to start this practice, put on your leggings and bra and let's go!

We also remind you that yoga is not just for women and that men can practice it too! Moreover, our men's products are also suitable for this sport!

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