That's it ! It is again possible to go more than 10 kilometers from us! And to celebrate, what could be better than going for a good bike ride in Lyon in an eco-responsible way?

Today we offer three different routes depending on your level. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or experienced cyclist, there is something for everyone!

At the end of this article we also give you some valuable advice so that you have the best time possible! Here we talk to you about repairing and maintaining your bike and eco-responsible clothing to adopt to better anticipate the weather conditions.

Ready to pedal? Let's go !


1 - First cycle route - beginner level

For this first route we suggest you go to the Miribel park by the cycle path which takes you to the National Necropolis of the Doua in Villeurbanne. The latter also runs along the fleas of the canal, why not stop there on the way back to hunt around a bit?

Once you arrive at Miribel Park , it is quite possible for you to continue your bike ride , take a short picnic break or turn around.

  • Round trip from Part Dieu station, this route is a total of 22km
  • No elevation gain for this first course

To do this, you can use a mountain bike, a road bike or even a Vélo'v .

2 - Second cycle route - intermediate level

For this second route, intermediate level, we suggest you go to Mont Cindre and Mont Thou along the quays of Paul Sédaillan and Île Barbe .

Once at the top, you can enjoy the panoramic view offered by Mont Thou over Lyon ! We feel so small in the face of all this! You can also take the opportunity to hydrate yourself and recover some energy by enjoying a good energy bar ( of course we don't forget to pick up our waste)! Then you just have to enjoy the descent.

  • Round trip and from the Place des Terreaux this route is a total of 35km
  • Elevation + 400

To do this, you can use a road bike but for mountain bikers, know that there are many small paths that allow you to enjoy! It all depends on your desires, your shape or your equipment.

3 - Third cycle route - confirmed level

Finally, to finish, here is the last course that we propose to you. This is particularly aimed at people with a confirmed level . Starting from Place des Terreaux, you can go to the Route des Crêtes in the Monts du Lyonnais . This route takes you through the various passes such as the Col de la Croix du ban , the Col de la Luère or the Col de Malval . You can then return via Vaugneray , Craponne , Tassin-la-Demi-Lune then Place des Terreaux .

  • Round trip and from the soil this route varies between 60 and 80km
  • Elevation + between 800 and 1200

4 - Athlete's little tips for optimal conditions

So that your bike ride is a real pleasure and does not turn into an ordeal, we give you some sports tips ! Between a problem on the bike and capricious weather, it can quickly become complicated! However, with these few tips and in order to be well equipped, you will be able to anticipate small problems and pedal in peace in your favorite city, all in a responsible way!

The bike

If you ever need to have your bike repaired before attacking one of these courses, we recommend the baroudeur cycles . It's a bicycle sales shop, maintenance and repair of bicycles of all types.

Located at 10, rue Sergent Blandan, in the 1st arrondissement of Lyon, they will welcome you from Tuesday to Saturday to maintain, repair or improve your favorite means of transport.

Their team will be delighted to advise you, support you and help you go further in this very jacket universe that is the world of two wheels.

With a wide choice of gravel and adventure road bikes, you will surely find what you are looking for, even if sometimes you only go there to look at beautiful machines, you can have pleasant surprises;)

To deal with all the unexpected

In order to start the outing with truly optimal conditions, we recommend products adapted to your practice.

In addition to your usual cycling outfit, remember to take a Wind Jacket to fight against the wind and to be sheltered if ever the weather turns capricious. We also recommend always having a neck strap , at least in your backpack, you can never be too careful!

And finally, the last detail and not the least: have a good pair of socks . For cycling we prefer high socks for maximum comfort.

With all this, you should be ready to enjoy Lyon by bike and find escape routes just a few turns away from the city! Enjoy.

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