Running does not necessarily appeal to everyone. This may seem redundant or even difficult. And yet, running does not require any special equipment and has many physical and psychological benefits .

Today we are going to give you some good reasons to (re)start running !


1 - The benefits of running

What are the benefits of running?

Like all sports, running has many positive effects on physical and mental health.

Physical health

Indeed, beyond weight loss, running regularly would limit heart risks and hypertension. By running you strengthen your heart and activate your blood circulation. This reduced the effects of diabetes, asthma and would increase bone density. Running is preventive against many diseases.

Mental Health

Did you know that running and the brain are linked?

And yes ! Like meditation, running allows you to feel in perfect harmony with your body and your head!

Indeed, when you run, the hormones of well-being are released by the brain after about 30 minutes of physical effort. These hormones, including dopamine and endorphin , therefore make it possible to feel calm and thus reduce stress . One thing leads to another, it will also help you focus better and improve your memory .

Thanks to running , you also work on your mind. Set goals to achieve to challenge yourself, surpass yourself and progress in order to make your physical activity less monotonous.

When you reach your goals (run further, faster, longer, etc.) it will give you self- confidence and help you get out of your comfort zone !

In addition, in order to diversify your outings, we advise you to change your habits and not run in the same place all the time. For the people of Lyon, we have made a small selection of places to run in Lyon . Tired of running in the Parc de la Tête d'Or and on the banks of the Rhône? Here are some other places that you could (re)discover and that will perhaps give you a taste for running!

2 - Where to run in Lyon

After showing you the places to go cycling , hiking or even to practice yoga in Lyon, today we give you the places where we enjoy running!

Simple courses

If you like the Parc de la Tête d'Or but are a bit fed up with it because it is often too crowded or after a while you have gone around it, we advise you to others.

Parc Gerland , ideal for beginners as it represents a lap of around 1.8 km.

You also have the Parc de la Feyssine which is located in the extension of the Parc de la Tête d'Or . This one makes a turn of about 4 km.

If you want to get away from Lyon and get closer to nature, we also recommend the tour of Lake Miribel . Moreover, a panoramic circuit offers the discovery of the lakes of the Grand Parc , it is about the " 10 km of the lakes ".

Medium and confirmed routes

We recommend a route between the buttes of Croix rousse and Fourvière passing through the garden of the rose garden , the footbridge of the four winds and the Gallo-Roman theater .

To train for the next Run in Lyon which will take place (subject to cancellation) on October 3, you can do the marathon courses. Thus, you will leave Quai Tilsit to arrive at Place Bellecour , passing through Vieux Lyon , Île Barbe , the Paul Bocuse bridge , the Berges de Saône , the Croix Rousse , the Parc de la Tête d'Or , the Berges du Rhône , Confluence , etc.

And for those who would like a route a little less urban, we obviously suggest the Monts d'Or which offer you an infinity of routes and breathtaking viewpoints.

3 - Sports tips for running

A few tips can help you better anticipate your next outings:

  • Have an outfit in which you feel good. Who respects your body and the planet !
  • Choose the right clothes but also and above all the right shoes . You don't need very specific equipment to go running, apart from shoes adapted to your morphology and your practice!
  • We also advise you to drink water before and after your physical effort! Also, don't forget to stretch !
  • To motivate you to run and to make your outings less monotonous, listen to music or a podcast ! You can also go with someone else! Committing to running together will deter you from backtracking and will motivate you!
  • Do not hesitate to alternate your running with other sports such as brisk walking or even cycling !
  • Try to get out of your comfort zone as much as possible, surpass yourself and set yourself goals !
  • Fun fact : running a marathon would make our arteries look years younger.

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