Since a year, he has become complicated to travel, we really start to miss it, especially when the good weather arrives.

With this article we want to show you that it is not necessary to go to the other side of the world to be disoriented. Indeed, by being obliged to remain in the area for several months now, we were inspired by articles from Lyon and made you a selection of some hikes that we have ourselves tested!

Just like our article on the bike , we offer three routes to leave no one on the side of the road. Small, medium and larger ballads to take your eyes off and to trudge for a few hours or a day.

Ready to escape with us? Let's go !


1 - First hiking route

This first hike is quite quiet and lasts about 1h15 . It is a 4.6 km loop .

  • D+ 175m and D-175m.
  • Departure from the "Limonest Center" stop.

Throughout this route south of Limonest , you can feel in the countryside thanks to the many meadows that you will follow, and this only 40 minutes from the center of Lyon ! You will also have the chance to admire the Monts du Lyonnais during the course.

You don't necessarily need a car to get there. A TCL bus, line 21 or 942, can take you there.

Here is the hiking sheet here: download the itinerary.

2 - Second hiking route

Then let's continue our little tour with this second hike of 7.26 km . Count about 3h15 to do it.

  • D+ 416m and a D-415m.
  • The start is in Saint-Romain-au-Mont-d'Or.

Along the way, you can discover several Cabornes , stone huts found in the Monts d'Or massif in Lyon . There are over 600 of them.

You will also pass by Mont Thou and be able to enjoy the magnificent view of the Saône valley and the Ain plain. You can also take a short break there for a picnic or a simple snack break (we always think of recovering our waste for a responsible hike ).

You can download the hiking sheet here: Download the itinerary .

3 - Third hiking route

The last hike that we present to you, and not the least, is that of the Monts d'or Express ! For this one it is recommended to take the day. It takes about 5 hours of walking!

  • D+ 596 mD- 679 m
  • The departure is from the "Saint-Fortunat" stop, line 22 of the TCL network and the arrival is at the Saint-Cyr stop, line 20 of the TCL network.

This walk takes you on all kinds of paths, you will cross a few villages, pastures, small bits of forest... the landscapes are very diverse and that is what makes this hike so charming.

On the other hand, we advise against doing it when the paths are wet due to bad weather. Indeed, some of them will be difficult to pass.

You can download the hike right here: download the itinerary .

    4 - Athlete's little tips for optimal conditions when you go hiking

    So that your outing is a real moment of pleasure and that it does not turn into an ordeal, we give you some sports tips !

    Hiking backpack essentials

    To begin with, we advise you to always check the weather before leaving so that you can anticipate and organize yourself as well as possible.

    There are stillessentials to put in your backpack when you go away for the day or even for a few hours. Starting with water , essential for every sporting outing! Another equally important thing is to take something to eat ! From a simple snack with a cereal bar or a fruit to a complete meal for a picnic, everything is possible!

    Regarding the clothes , it all depends on the weather ! However, we advise you to take a cap, even if there is only an ounce of sun, nobody wants to have sunstroke!

    The last practical thing to put in your bag so as not to be surprised by light rain or a little wind is the Wind Jacket ! In addition, it is easy to slip into the bag if you do not want to carry it on your back all day!

    To deal with all the unexpected while hiking

    If you are going alone or even accompanied but you are not used to it, whether for these hikes or for others, we advise you to always tell a loved one so that someone know where you are going.

    For these hikes you will normally always have a network. However, it is possible that some places pick up less. For these walks and for others, mainly mountain hikes , we advise you to always download your routes in advance. Analyze the paths before setting off with both feet into a completely unknown place.

    Now that you have all the cards in your hands, enjoy!

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