5 places to do a trail run in Rhône Alpes

Trail lovers, you are certainly wondering what are the best places to practice your favorite sport and push your limits? Put on your trail shoes and your t-shirt ! Today, we take you into the heart of nature to discover the 5 places to do a trail in Rhône Alpes .

1. Chamonix: the Mont Blanc marathon

No less than 10,500 trail runners participate each year in the eight official races offered to you during the mythical Mont Blanc trail . The different routes allow you to discover breathtaking landscapes in the heart of the Aiguilles Rouges nature reserve, crossing the valleys of Mont Blanc.

Elevation type of race Max time Category
42 kilometers from Mont Blanc 2730 meters D+ 1700 meters D- Trail in semi-autonomy 9:30 a.m. Hope
90 kilometer ultra-trail 6220 meters D+ Trail in semi-autonomy 24 hours Hope
23 kilometers from Mont Blanc 1680 meters D+ 870 meters D- Trail in semi-autonomy 6 hours Hope
10 kilometers from Mont Blanc 325 meters D+ and D- Discovery Trail Cadet
Starry Duo - 20 kilometers 1250 meters D+ and D- Discovery trail, night run 6 hours Hope
Young Race Marathon - 15 kilometers 1200 meters D+ Discovery Trail Junior and Hope
Mini Cross - 800 meters to 3 kilometers Children's trail Minimal athletic schools
Vertical kilometer 1000 meters D+ over 3.8 kilometers Time trial, vertical race Junior

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2. Massif de la Vanoise: the Rosière trail

For 5 years, the Rosière trail has been inviting you for a very sporty ride. In the heart of the Vanoise massif, between Mont Blanc and Mont Pourri, this meeting takes place in an absolutely splendid natural setting. Four courses are offered and allow trail runners of different levels to test their physical abilities by taking up new challenges:

  • 40 kilometers, with an elevation gain of 3000 meters
  • 22 kilometers, with an elevation gain of 1450 meters
  • 15 kilometers with an elevation gain of 800 meters
  • 5 km: the race is not yet confirmed for 2019. In question, work in progress on the trails disrupts its use.

These various routes allow you to cross incredible scenery: the valley of the torrent des Moulins, the valley of Mercuel or the Lac du Retour.

3. La Plagne: the 6000D - The race of the giants

This trail run in Rhône Alpes will put your endurance and technical skills to the test! For three days, La Plagne offers itself to sports and nature lovers and reveals the most beautiful landscapes of the French Alps. For 30 years, this trail has offered 6 races allowing athletes of all levels to spend an unforgettable weekend. Between lakes and glaciers, tread the most breathtaking racetracks in Savoie.

Distance Elevation type of race
6000D 65 kilometers 3500 meters elevation gain mountain trail
6D lakes 27 kilometers 1600 meters D+ mountain trail
6000D in relay 32 kilometers33 kilometers 2740 meters D+ and 440 meters D-760 meters D+ and 3060m D- 2-man relay race
6 discovery 11 kilometers 600 meters D+ Mountain running for all levels
6D Vertical 5 kilometers 1000 meters D+ Coast race
6D Bob 1.5 kilometers 125 meters D+ Track racing

4. The 2 Alps trail

For the 3rd year, the 2 Alpes Outdoor Festival welcomes you to the heart of the French Alps. There are no less than 5 trail routes available for an intense sporting experience:

Distance Elevation type of race
Devil's Double Vertical 7 kilometers 2000 meters D+ Solo or duo (relay race)
Climb of Venosc 3 kilometers 700 meters elevation gain Trail or hike
3600 Summit Trail 39 kilometers 2900 meters D+ skyrunning
Trail of the Fairy 20 kilometers 1300 meters D+ and D- Trail
Balconies of Venosc 11 kilometers 700 meters elevation gain Trail or hike

These different races offer you exceptional viewpoints: climb to an altitude of 3600 meters, to the summit of the Les 2 Alpes glacier, taking vertiginous ridges and paths to dominate the region and appreciate this grandiose natural spectacle.

5. Haute-Savoie: the Samoëns Trail tour

In June, no less than 2,000 participants from all over France and Europe travel the trails of Haute-Savoie during this event. The Samoëns Trail Tour offers 6 exceptional races through the mountains : the Cirque du Fer à Cheval and the nature reserve of Sixt Fer à Cheval are among the places taken during this trail, with passages culminating at more than 2000 meters above sea level. 'altitude.

Distance Elevation ITRA item
Ultra Tour du Haut Giffre 91 kilometers 6450 meters D+ 5 points
Criou tower 53 kilometers 3500 meters elevation gain 3 points
Giffre Tower 33 kilometers 2250 meters D+ 2 points
Discovery Trail 18 kilometers 1100 meters D+ 1 point
Balconies of Criou 12 kilometers 330 meters D+
Vertical Kilometer 1,960 kilometers 1000 meters D+

Information on trails in Rhône Alpes

To participate in one of these nature trails, you can register for a race directly on site, or register online :

These sites allow you to learn about:

  • of the racing calendar
  • places of departure of the races and their points of arrival
  • different supply points
  • the medical certificate to be provided and any contraindications
  • bib collection methods
  • awarding of prizes and rankings
  • from the list of mandatory equipment

You can also contact the organizer to ask all your questions.

Take part in these different trails in the Rhône Alpes alone or in pairs, during the day or during a night trail to test your physical abilities and go beyond your limits! You have all the cards in hand to choose the nature trail that suits you!

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