Amateur or professional sportsman, you have probably already been confronted with unattractive body odors. Embarrassing for some, inconvenient for others, what are they due to? How to limit sweat odors during sport? NOSC answers all your questions in this article and gives you some natural tips!


Body odors during sport: where do they come from?

Although natural, body odor can be embarrassing and unpleasant. Lack of hygiene is not the only factor influencing the smell of our body. A medical problem, an unsuitable diet or excessive sweating may be the cause.

Sweating: a completely natural phenomenon

The human body has sweat glands that regulate our internal temperature. They allow the evacuation of the heat produced by the body during the day and thus help to cool the skin. This process is therefore a necessary step for the proper functioning of our entire body. Contrary to popular belief, perspiration is not responsible for bad odors!

Bacteria responsible for body odor

During physical exertion, perspiration can be more intense and above all more fragrant. In question, the presence of bacteria on the surface of the skin feeding on dead skin, sebum and other chemical molecules. During digestion, these small bacteria release gases which can be more or less odorous depending on the person.

The role of food on our body odor

What we eat every day has an undeniable impact on the smell of our body. Certain foods, such as garlic, onion and certain spices promote the appearance of unpleasant odors. Beverages such as tea and coffee increase body temperature, and therefore sweating.

Natural tips to limit odors during sport

It's tempting to run to the local supermarket to stock up on deodorants and other products that are supposed to inhibit body odor. While at first glance this seems like a good idea, these chemical solutions can sometimes make the situation worse. Their composition is not always good for our health and the ingredients do not have the right properties. Preventing your body from sweating, therefore naturally evacuating body heat following a more or less intense physical effort, is not the best solution. There are various natural tricks that can limit perspiration odors during the practice of a sport.

Shave hair

Sweat tends to smell more in hairy areas, such as the armpits or private parts. Hair is indeed a breeding ground for the development of bacteria responsible for bad odors. Shaving or depilating these parts helps to slow down the development of odors.

Use talcum powder

This mineral is appreciated for its absorbent properties which help regulate perspiration while maintaining good skin hydration. Only small drawback: it can leave marks on clothes, which wash off easily.

Baking soda

Its antibacterial action allows it to act as a fairly effective anti-odor. To use it, mix a little baking soda with water and apply the preparation under your armpits. Be careful, never apply it after shaving or hair removal. You can also sprinkle the inside of your sports shoes to neutralize bad smells.

Natural deodorants

However, if you want to use a deodorant to counter the smell of perspiration, we recommend that you choose products whose composition is as natural as possible. The Respire brand offers you a product made from ingredients from organic farming , whose properties act directly on odors.

You can also use anti-friction creams which will limit overheating and therefore reduce perspiration in the most stressed areas.

NOSC clothing: a range of ecological and anti-odor products

Choose the right materials for your clothes to limit odors

Most synthetic materials tend to increase perspiration and the resulting odor. Indeed, the textiles used for the manufacture of sportswear have some disadvantages:

  • they increase perspiration, responsible for the appearance of bacteria
  • they prevent the skin from breathing properly and wicking away moisture

To limit odors during sport, it is recommended to favor clothes made mainly of natural fibers , such as cotton, wool, silk or even linen.

Tight, form-fitting clothing can also increase perspiration by preventing the body from venting properly.

NOSC: a selection of quality materials for your comfort

Committed to a fight for the environment, NOSC works daily to offer you eco-responsible products , from sustainable and respectful production. The textiles we use for the design of our sportswear:

  • are made of recycled and/or recyclable natural fibers
  • are intended to be environmentally friendly in their design and delivery
  • consume little non-renewable fossil energy

Clothing suitable for sports

If the textiles we offer promote the preservation of the planet through respectful processes, they also have many advantages for athletes. Designed to offer you a unique experience, our clothes are:

  • breathable to facilitate the evacuation of body heat during a sports session
  • anti-odor thanks to their high absorption capacity which limits the spread of bacteria
  • antibacterial thanks to the use of GreenFil® technology

Choker, t-shirt and socks are available in our shop to accompany you during your sports sessions!

A strong body odor can be due to a more or less important medical problem. Do not hesitate to consult your doctor to obtain medical advice and, if necessary, a drug treatment adapted to your situation.

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