Spring cleaning ” is an ancestral practice; the origin is in the agricultural world, when it was necessary to empty cellars and attics to make room for the new harvests of the coming seasons. The expression doing a spring cleaning moreover very often coincides with Easter Monday . Spring is a time for change , renewal and virtuous projects .

This year, on the occasion of the Fashion revolution that is taking place this week, and to avoid the pitfall of an article on the best Easter chocolates, we have decided to direct you to a cleaning of your sports wardrobe . If you're like us, it's likely that your sports wardrobe is much more stocked than your everyday clothes. But are those pieces that line your drawers as used as they should be? Don't you have a plethora of finisher t-shirts and old jackets gathering dust?

Overview of the solutions that exist to make your technical clothing benefit from others and give a second life to pieces that deserve it, often still in very good condition.

1/ The second hand in the outdoors

2021 has seen the appearance of very good resale platforms which allow both to give meaning and a second life to your dormant technical clothing. If the Everide platform has caused a sensation with many renowned ambassadors, we are also close to Campsider , with whom we share premises in Annecy within the Annecy Base Camp, and Barooders . On these three platforms, you will find a functioning similar to the well-known Vinted application, but what is really interesting is that they are really adapted to the resale of second-hand outdoor and technical clothing. You will also find ski equipment, bags etc.

If you want to resell your NOSC part tomorrow, for example, we can only advise you to go to these specialized platforms. This is where you will find people who also understand the need for the second hand, and who will be able to estimate the true value of the clothes you want to part with.

2/ Sorting is giving!

Sorting is also a way of doing good. These days, many associations have specialized in collecting clothes for those in need. Whether we are talking about refugees, homeless people or more recent war exiles, you can help someone with this simple gesture.

The Rider for refugees association, for example, sets up a collection dedicated to winter clothing every autumn, but you can completely part with your finisher t-shirts which more often end up badly stowed in a ball than on our shoulders. Recently, collections for refugees from Ukraine have multiplied, and you know it as well as we do, technical clothing can sometimes be the best protection, so don't hesitate to direct your sorting towards donations.

3/ What about cleaning at NOSC then?

For a brand, cleaning is not often synonymous with positive actions . We know only too well the methods of fast fashion players to " make room ", by selling at -70% , by burning clothes, etc. Due to our size and our daily commitment to more sustainable sports fashion , it is necessary for us to keep our collections as long as possible. In this sense, our spring cleaning is done in reverse.

Indeed, since the spring of 2022, we have established a partnership with the Solene company, Goodloop , with whom we work closely to repair our clothes, and your NOSC clothes that come back to us. For us, this is real progress towards an even more virtuous circle, which today allows us to offer repairs for almost 100% of returned products . Tomorrow, Greenwolf will also be able to accompany us, this time on more technical products such as jackets for example.
The implementation of this “ special ” guarantee is also a guarantee of quality, it is one of our ways of doing “ spring cleaning ”, reversed this time!

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