Every year comes back, in mid-February, this pressure of having to please the one who accompanies you for Valentine's Day . So if you want to get out of the pink or chocolate classics, the NOSC team has looked at this famous February 14 for the first time and offers you a real experience to make this Valentine's Day a moment of sporting life, surrounded by nature. , unforgettable. A trail of gift ideas and adventures for the best of Valentine's Day. Spoiler, what we are going to offer you may also be suitable for hardened singles! On the program, the places to bring the one who will benefit from this surprise Valentine's Day, the magic recipe that will capsize all hearts, and what to remember through a committed gift and/or activities that come out of the ordinary .

1/ Thinking outside the box for a successful sporting Valentine's Day

To avoid getting into the mysteries of overconsumption, and rather than pushing you to buy what you don't need, our small (but effective) team has thought about the most suitable solutions to create the best memory between lovers or friends of 2022. The challenge here lies in the calendar, since the date remains inflexible. However, if you have availability over the weekend of February 12-13, we have concocted an adventure that will take you off the beaten track. The best option remains that of Sunday, closer to February 14 and the little bonus lies in the approach of the full moon! If the sky is clear you may not even need the headlamp !

For this Valentine's Day, activate the sports mode and go enjoy the great outdoors for a day or a weekend. We offer four places, all less than an hour from the major cities of the Alps, to spend the best of Valentine's Day.

Option 1 - Lyon: Head south and the Pilat massif . This year, the snow is there, and you can have fun in the shade of the Crêt de l'Oeillon , an adventure less than an hour's drive from the center of Lyon. Bring snowshoes and/or cross-country skiing to make this outing a moment of sporting sharing. The rest of the surprise you will give to your partner or friend is explained to you below.

Option 2 - Grenoble: We keep things simple but effective. Depending on the weather available for your February 14, choose the Chartreuse massif to set off on an adventure without getting out of your way too much. If you have a preference for the Vercors , we won't blame you, treat yourself!

Option 3 - Annecy: Plateau des Glières , of course! Less than 40 minutes from the city, the plateau offers you the best of soft winter sports , cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, etc. All this in an atmosphere of the far north, sheltered from light pollution, noise and human activities. In the afternoon, plan a nice tour on cross-country skis or snowshoes and in the early evening, a well-deserved meal.

Option 4 - Paris and surroundings: For a little over an hour's journey, it could be, if the weather conditions are favorable, that the forest of Fontainebleau may host your Valentine's Day this year. Take out your backpack, prepare two bikes, and climb into the nearest TER to drop you off in the heart of this forest. A beautiful picnic for lunch and a magnificent discovery of the forest will make you the hero of a Sunday like no other.

@alix ameloot

2/ Offer a souvenir rather than an object for February 14?

After spending a few hours on skis, snowshoes or in your snow boots, it will be time to bring out the big game to the one who accompanies you, and who is still wondering, as it begins to get dark, where and how will end this story of “surprise” that you sold him, so be patient ;). We suggest you offer a souvenir, through a delicious tomato fondue (don't panic, it's very simple).

This small meal with the headlamp will have a particular flavor tasted outside in winter, and we assure you that it will offer the memory of a Valentine's Day that is both sporty, unique and delicious . For us, memory prevails over everything, experience and adventure are real driving forces in the work we do every day and it is these moments spent outside that make us happy and whole. Let's list together what you will need for this unique meal.

- Kitchen side : No need to equip yourself for a trip of 4 months around the world, it will only ask you for a small stove, a small saucepan for 2, 2 fondue skewers, a knife, Swiss or Opinel , 2 glasses , a lighter and a bottle opener (important!)

- Ingredients : a baguette, 400g of cheese fondue (ideally Savoyard or Swiss), 10cl of tomato coulis, 10cl of white wine, a small clove of garlic and a few pinches of oregano. At NOSC , in addition to water and a nice bottle of wine, you can easily fit all of this into a 25-litre bag! For a successful end note, you can bring a little sweet snack that will make the difference;)

- On the comfort side : we advise you to insulate your buttocks from the cold with a bivouac mattress for example, then to equip yourself for the cold as a result of the forecasts (often negative temperatures). A NOSC fleece wild fleece will for example be the best second layer for this evening to complete with a good baselayer and a nice warm jacket. Of course, we do not detail the equipment needs for the front (the sports vary, everything will be different) and the counterpart (jackets, warm pants, specific socks etc.). The only important detail, don't forget the gloves, the hat and the headlamp ;)

@alix ameloot

3/ Materialize this memory and do something else with it

Although we are not keen on social networks during these privileged moments, we advise you to have a small device or a telephone at hand to materialize this memory and keep track of it in the long term! You can also choose to offer an object consistent with this experience in the great outdoors, such as a NOSC neck warmer or gloves . NOSC fleece gloves that will suit the situation well, while ensuring a local and committed gift .

You can also, later, take some paper photos (yes it still exists!) and make a pretty envelope. We will then have an ideal triptych: an experience, a memory and an object. In short, a unique & successful sporting Valentine's Day.

Do not hesitate to share this beautiful moment with the NOSC team if you decide to get started, through our #SportbyNature . We can only recommend adventure in the great outdoors to make this Valentine's Day the best memory of 2022 !

@alix ameloot

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