Have you ever heard that the more you sweat , the more calories you lose? Or that it is better to do sports on an empty stomach for more results?

Well, surprise, all of that is often WRONG .

There are many misconceptions about sports. We no longer know who to believe and/or what to do to ensure good results, whether in terms of performance or physical transformation.

NOSC has always wanted to accompany sportsmen and women in all their daily adventures. That's why we present to you 5 (false) ideas about sport, to banish entirely from your head. The objective , above all, is to give you the right advice for more efficiency during your workouts.

Get rid of received ideas, start off on the right foot with the best advice for guaranteed results !

1- The more you sweat, the more you eliminate

This is one of the most popular misconceptions. If, in fact, sweating is your body's logical reaction to manifesting a temperature that is too high, this does not mean that you are losing weight at the same time.

During physical activity, our body releases energy . The latter manifests itself in the form of heat and the mechanism of perspiration quite simply makes it possible to evacuate this surplus in order to maintain a "normal" body temperature.

Perspiration is therefore, in reality, water, and salt!

You will understand, we do not lose fat by sweating (it would be too easy). It is when the effort is prolonged that the body will draw on its fat reserves, nothing to do with perspiration. This is why it is essential to drink to counterbalance the water we lose during exercise.

Tip from TEAM NOSC : No need to equip yourself with 36 layers during your workouts. Prioritize good hydration before, during and after exercise to avoid dehydration.

Speaking of perspiration, we invite you to take a look at our article “how to limit odors during sport” right here .

2- For more results, you have to do sports on an empty stomach

We often tend to think that in the morning, on an empty stomach , the energy used to perform a sports session comes from our body reserves and would allow us to have better results.

Unfortunately, doing sports on an empty stomach also brings its share of disadvantages : discomfort, tremors, palpitations...

In other words, an attack of hypoglycemia quickly arrived. This reaction is due to a drop in the level of carbohydrates in the blood. It can be unavoidable if the sports session is too far away from meals.

Be careful, eating a piece of sugar to avoid hypoglycemia is also a received idea. A rapid rise in blood sugar to also cause an inverse hormonal reaction , which also leads to hypoglycemia, or even discomfort. Jogging or sport on an empty stomach, as long as it is short (max 45 min or 30 min for beginners) can be very positive for the body!

Advice from TEAM NOSC : To get your day off to a good start, choose a good breakfast at least 2 or even 3 hours before your session. This is the key to being in top shape! 

3- Playing sports in the city is dangerous

Another received idea that has a hard life. Of course, we're not asking you to run behind the exhaust pipe of an old car and breathe in those scents like you would breathe in a bouquet of flowers.

Still, going out and exercising will have much more positive effects on your body than wandering like a lost soul between the fridge in your kitchen and the living room.

Advice from TEAM NOSC : If the conditions are not favorable for an outdoor sports outing, we recommend that you practice sports indoors. Bouldering, Badminton, Jorkyball… the choice of possibilities is wide!

4- Training at night is bad for sleep

Yes, this is a received idea but it still deserves that we bring some nuances to it. Our body temperature drops when bedtime approaches. This mechanism prepares us for sleep .

Naturally, if we practice an intensive sports activity, our temperature will rise, and put us in an unfavorable disposition to find sleep. It is then necessary to find the right balance to go to do sports in the evening. Not just before sleep, and leave a decompression “airlock” after your session.

Advice from TEAM NOSC : We advise you, in the context of an intense sports practice, to do this 4 hours before the time at which you wish to sleep. You can therefore plan a sports session if you have not planned to go to bed too early!

5- You must have a specific outfit for each practice

We can never tell you enough: Consuming less, but better is the key to a more serene and responsible future.

At NOSC, we make it a point of honor that the sports locker rooms are not overcrowded with clothes that we rarely, if ever , use.

The ideal is therefore to have a single outfit to practice several sports .

It's finally true! No need for a specific outfit for yoga and hiking when one can do both.

Moreover, we strongly invite you to come and have a look at our site and discover our technical , versatile AND responsible products.

Our credo : Accompany sportsmen and women in their daily adventures . This of course goes through the equipment !

And you, what received ideas about sport do you know? :)

Do not hesitate to share them in the comments (and we will certainly make another article).

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