This is one of the big trends of the moment! The idea of ​​playing sports during the lunch break is attracting more and more working people and for good reason, it's a great way to take some time for yourself without encroaching on your free time in the evening. We therefore offer you today 5 sports that you can do during your lunch time as well as the facilities they require.

With good ideas , a little organization and a touch of common sense , you will no longer have any excuse not to take care of yourself and your body all week ;)

Doing sport in an eco-responsible way also means adapting to the solutions available to us without ideally taking the car. A little review of everything the team has to offer.

1 - Walking

Let's just start with walking. It's something that may seem ridiculous, but untying your legs after sitting down does your body a lot of good. First observe the environment surrounding your business, more or less plan your route and finally get started, with or without the sandwich ;). Whether in the alleys of your city, in the woods of your village, or in the snow of your mountains, escape and take advantage of this time to recharge your batteries. Take some fresh air, stop thinking about anything and enjoy the time you devote to yourself. Alone or with colleagues, walking is a great activity that requires few means to set it up.


Indeed, if you have decided to walk at noon during your break, you can do so without too many constraints. Walking is relatively flexible, both at the material level and at the cardiac level. Adapt the duration to your availability and the difficulty to your abilities and desires. No need for a shower available because you will not sweat or little. The specific outfit is also optional. Only the power supply requires a little arrangement. Indeed, the more time you save on your meal, the greater the part of your lunch break that you can devote to sport. There isn't really a minimum time required, but let's say twenty minutes will clear your head. It is therefore up to you to adjust these two factors according to your desires.

2 - Running

In the continuity of walking, there is obviously running and its many benefits. The advantages are more or less the same as those of walking, namely flexibility and ease of installation. On the other hand, running may require a shower depending on your intensity and your propensity to sweat. So plan a sports bag with things adapted to the weather conditions. In summer , shorts and a T-shirt will do for men, and a light outfit with bralette leggings will be perfectly suited for women. In winter, plan rather pants and a fleece , although in running, after a few minutes we are rarely cold. Also plan in your bag things to shower as soon as you return to the company.

Running therefore naturally requires more time than walking. Although the exercise time is flexible, the need to change before and wash after the effort naturally requires a longer time. Plan your meals well in advance to anticipate and make sure you have at least 30 to 45 minutes to agree to go running.

3 - Swimming

Swimming requires very different specificities from the first two sports. Indeed, you will first need a swimming pool near the company in order to lose a minimum of time. You will have to pay for your entries according to the methods of each establishment. Rest assured, by asking, you will see that access to a center including a swimming pool often includes other relaxing activities to do in addition to swimming. In addition, swimming pools offer you the possibility of showering, which is a significant criterion for people who do not have the possibility of showering at their workplace.

In addition to burning many calories, swimming will give you a real feeling of well-being and relaxation . Allow at least an hour to get there and get ready. Being in a different element forces your brain to cut out all parasitic thoughts, and you very often come out of the pool feeling calmer, tested and approved by the team (on the other hand, this sport makes you very hungry, plan a snack)!

4 - CrossFit

Crossfit is a multidisciplinary sport, that is to say that it mixes different disciplines within a single and unique sport. It mixes bodybuilding with and without loads, gymnastics and endurance sports. Crossfit is very complete and allows you to considerably improve your physical condition from several points of view (strength, endurance, flexibility, agility, gross motor skills, etc.).


It is the sport that among our 5 suggestions requiring the most adjustments. If you decide to practice crossfit, you will really sweat so sportswear and showers are to be expected in the same way as for running. From a coaching point of view, it is difficult to do crossfit without a professional to supervise and direct. So plan to register in a gym, a box in the crossfit environment, close to your work or join a group of practitioners .

Another solution that is being done more and more is to offer your superiors the intervention of a sports coach for company volunteers once or twice a week.


Allow 45 minutes to an hour minimum depending on the distance between your work and your place of practice. Prefer crossfit if you want to improve your overall condition in a fun way and you like to play sports in a group, and you don't want to face the vagaries of the weather. Note all the same that this sports practice to be carried out during the lunch break will be the most expensive of the 5, in question, the subscription to the crossfit box essential to benefit from the sessions already scheduled.

5 - Yoga

We end this list of sports with yoga. Yoga is the perfect combination of sport and relaxation. It requires appropriate sportswear such as pants for men or a set of leggings for women, but you will not sweat or sweat very little, so the possibility of showering is not mandatory. Yoga is also a remarkably flexible activity from a time perspective. You can do short sessions of less than 20 minutes or longer sessions of an hour or more. You can do it anywhere as long as you are in a quiet environment.

Allow yourself, thanks to yoga, a time of relaxation and relaxation in the middle of your working day. Sport of well-being par excellence, a yoga session will allow you to return to work calm and ready to face the unexpected.
Another advantage is that this sport can be practiced easily from a distance through free online courses available, such as what one of our yoga experts Sarah Nallet does.


As you will have understood, playing sports during the lunch break is not necessarily a big constraint. Due to organization and anticipation, it is quite possible to arrange your schedule according to sports practice. It will sometimes be necessary to prepare the meals in advance to waste a minimum of time. It could also be that you don't catch the first sport that comes along. So remember to plan a sporting activity that motivates you and that is feasible according to your time and organizational constraints (shower, distance, equipment).


Life is not just about the weekend, many moments of the 5 weekdays offer you great opportunities to create memories, stay in shape and enjoy yourself to the fullest. You now have all the cards in hand to play sports between noon and two during your work, so it's up to you to get started!

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